Model Supplement Claims… Use ‘Em!

Have you noticed the increasing attention given to what you can and cannot claim about your products? It’s a jungle out there… something is going on, and damned if the Natural Health Writer knows what it is!

Remaining compliant with your nutritional supplement copywriting is more than difficult — it is, in fact, the ultimate moving target. This supplement copywriter can get you close; only an FDA-fluent lawyer can hit the target.

However, there remains a bulletproof option for making science-backed statements about your supplement: Claims that have already received the “thumbs-up” from the FDA.

Click here to learn how to make supplement claims that are a-OK with the FDA.

Remember: You must use these claims verbatim, a.k.a. word-for-word, and your products must fit their definition.

Of course, these claims are not exactly Sexy Nutrition

But something about the FDA-styled wording conveys such gravitas that it makes a potent supplement marketing message.

Want to learn more? Check out this page on the difference between Authorized Health Claims and Qualified Health Claims.

People’s Health Series

You know how a powerful earthquake can shift the earth on its axis by an inch? The People’s Health Series has had a similar effect on the supplement industry.

10+ million copies in print... and counting.

The People’s Health Series is a collection of seven nutrition booklets that I ghostwrote and published. This project has proven to be phenomenally effective at sparking consumer interest in supplements.

Each nutrient covered has been extensively researched, so there is abundant substantiation. There are no over-the-top claims, just suggestions based on facts. And while nutrition is emphasized, I also include complementary lifestyle activities that optimize health. It’s valuable information that I am proud to disseminate.

The Lesson: When a PHS book is released, the immediate sales impact is staggering. This proves that education is the key to nutritional supplement success. With over ten million copies circulating across the U.S.A. and abroad, the PHS is a true game-changer, capable of making any nutritional ingredient a household word.

Below are three samples from my books on Pycnogenol, Ubiquinol and Lutein. Check them out, and witness a clinic on effective supplement writing. To see how this content can be translated for web, visit this page on Ubiquinol benefits.

The Pycnogenol book's early pages focus on history, setting the stage and weaving a story.
These pages use graphic elements and scientists' commentary to show why Ubiquinol is special.
Lutein research, testimonials, diagrams and even Government recommendations.

Substantiation & Style

FDA guidelines on supplement marketing have tightened in recent years. Supplement marketers now need more substantiation than ever.

The Natural Health Writer’s magic marketing formula: Style + Substance = Supercharged Supplement Sales.

The Natural Health Writer knows substantiation. My seven nutrient booklets (10+ million copies in print) are backed by 500+ references. Across all marketing media I’ve done, I’ve used 1,000+ references. I find the best sources, then I communicate them in a compliant — yet stylish — way.

The Lesson: Sorry…top secret. But Google “supplement substantiation.” Make the top-ranked result your nutrition marketing starting point.

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