Your Customers Are Like Star Trek’s Borg

Remember the Borg from Star Trek? They inhabited a massive cube-shaped spaceship. They thought with a collective hive mind. They assimilated anything useful. When something was of no use, the Borg ignored it completely.

The Enterprise crew blasted the Borg with phasers. This worked… temporarily. After 12 phaser blasts, the Borg adapted to the phaser frequency, rendering the blasts ineffective. The solution? A modulating phaser that changed frequency with each blast. The Borg was unable to adapt because it was faced with something new and unpredictable.

Your audience is the Borg.

When you blast your supplement marketing message with the same frequency every time, your audience will adapt — the blast will be ineffective.

Top 5 weird tricks“…. “Top 3 secrets“… “The #1 tip for“… do these subject lines look familiar? Oh yes, these subjects work… temporarily. But by now, your audience has adapted. The message no longer works. Nutritional supplement consumers are smarter than that.

Make your nutritional supplement marketing message like a modulating phaser beam. Mix it up. Present something different each time. And above all, present something useful to your audience. When you do, your nutritional supplement will be assimilated

Boldly going where no supplement copywriter has gone before,

~ P.J.S. Dougherty
the Natural Health Writer

On Aliens with Big Heads

Star Trek suggests that aliens with big heads use telepathy to communicate. The Natural Health Writer concurs. We are evolving towards this.

Marketing today is so short. As we use fewer words to communicate, we progress to using no words at all.

In the meantime, concise content remains king. For a mind teeming with ideas, brevity is a rare gift.

Many have said it, but I feel Cicero said it best: “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”

Agreed… if I had more time, I would have written a shorter blog post. Tally ho,

~ P.J.S., the N.H.W.