Tour Riders

I'll have whatever Bruce is having!

Seeking celebrity nutrition news for a sales training piece, I was struck with sudden inspiration: What about “Tour Riders”? These dressing-room demands of superstars are most publicized when they are outlandish… but would any health-conscious celebrities request pre-show nutritional supplements?

After a little digging I found out some celebrity nutrition secrets, which I passed along for store associates to use as ice-breakers with customers. Click the image at right to learn which celebrities demand nutrition in their dressing rooms!

The Lesson: Love it or loathe it, the Cult of Celebrity is a powerful motivator. If a celebrity takes a nutritional supplement, gawkers will follow suit. The tricky part is connecting celebs to supplements… you’ve got to be creative in your research.

A Portrait of Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour was a great celebrity “get” for me as Editor of Energy Times.

Jane Seymour was nice. She will forever be my favorite Bond girl.

She’s always been a natural health icon. A longtime homeopathy advocate, Seymour has also addressed Congress on complementary medicine and health freedom. On top of that she has an organic garden, is involved in art therapy and women’s heart health charities… too much to list! Read the article to learn more.

Nature’s Plus, which distributes Energy Times, was releasing a colorful whole-food supplement line when this article came out. Jane Seymour enthusiastically endorsed the virtues of colorful fruits and vegetables in the interview. Damn, I’m good.

The Lesson: Look for this type of media success where celebrity, publicity, charity and natural health intersect.