Rx Complement

The Natural Health Writer’s editorial vision made Rx Complement an entertaining custom-published magazine that covered all aspects of Natural Health.

Rx Complement is the most all-encompassing editorial project I’ve coordinated.

Alicia Silverstone made an especially fetching RX Complement cover.

Part of an innovative marketing program, Rx Complement was a custom-published magazine distributed in holistic health practitioners’ offices. It was designed to educate patients on nutritional supplements and natural health while they sat in waiting rooms. The ultimate goal: Sparking patient interest in nutrition as a complementary therapy. This was especially beneficial for health practitioners who incorporate supplements to help their patients.

Landing the Kind Diet author and actress Alicia Silverstone was fantastic, and yielded a fascinating in-depth interview (click to open pdf) about her perspective on veganism, environmentalism, and turning Superhuman.

Click on the cover to view an “abridged” PDF version of Rx Complement that focuses on its nutrition-related articles. (Note: large file, about 25 mb). Full versions available upon request.

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