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Whether you’re treating patients, developing supplements or marketing natural health products, you don’t have time to create consistently outstanding content.

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I’ve written for industry legends: Piping Rock, Puritan’s Pride, Vitamin World, Cosway, Youngevity and Nature’s Plus.

My campaigns have made millions for branded health ingredients like Pycnogenol, Kaneka, OmniActives and more.

I’ve published two natural health magazines, seven books and 100+ articles on diverse holistic wellness practices.

I’ve landed and interviewed stars like Alec Baldwin, Jane Seymour and Mike Huckabee for natural health articles.

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The Panda Joke

A panda walks into a cafe, pandasits down and orders a grilled cheese. After he finishes eating the sandwich, he pulls out a gun, shoots the waiter, and then stands up to go.

“Hey, Panda!” shouts the manager. “Where do you think you’re going? You just shot my waiter! Plus, you didn’t pay for your sandwich!”

The panda pulls out a battered, poorly-punctuated dictionary and tosses it to the manager as he exits. “I’m a PANDA. Look it up!”

The manager opens it and sees this definition: “Panda: A white-and-black, bear-like mammal found in the forest areas of central China. Eats, shoots and leaves.”

OK, so maybe it’s not the best joke in the world, but it serves a purpose: It illustrates how one misplaced comma can change the entire meaning of a sentence, leading to disaster.

Panda jokes are funny. But Google’s Panda 4.0 update? If you’ve been populating your website with cheap content, then the joke’s on you.

A fantastic write-up by Julia Spence-McCoy* at SEMRush outlines 7 content writing guidelines for businesses to follow now that Google’s Panda 4.0 is in place.

Spence-McCoy’s analysis seems to place a more urgent emphasis than ever before on posting unique, knowledgeable and professionally written content only.

My favorite is #6, in which she advises companies to remove low-quality writing from their websites to avoid punishment from the new Google update.

Spence-McCoy goes on to advise, if removing bad content is not possible, companies should “start publishing more quality pieces immediately.”

 The Natural Health Writer loves this.

It sounds like Google’s Panda 4.0 may now even more aggressively target and punish the following affronts to the Art of Writing:

“Frankenwriting” that cobbles together copied-and-pasted phrases from scattered sources of questionable quality.

“Spun” content that changes a few words here and there to spawn meaningless permutations of the original piece.

Flat-out badly written copy: Typos, grammatical errors, poor sentence structure and lack of cohesion or meaning.

Inaccurate, unsubstantiated copy, which, in the natural health realm, creates risks far beyond a “Google Slap.”

Plagiarized content: Ah, plagiarism. The bane of Google, gumming up the works with redundant, unoriginal drivel.

*Here’s the Real Punchline:

I first read this awesome list of 7 Post-Panda 4.0 Content Rules to Live By as a LinkedIn post, “written by” an SEO consultant.

But scrolling down to the comment section, he was exposed as having plagiarized the entire post from the original work of Julia Spence-McCoy.

This means that this “SEO Consultant” plagiarized an article that was about avoiding plagiarism for SEO purposes…. Oh, the irony!

Talk about a misplaced comma!    ::rimshot::

But seriously, folks… what kind of writers are you working with in this Panda 4.0 world?

Model Supplement Claims… Use ‘Em!

Have you noticed the increasing attention given to what you can and cannot claim about your products? It’s a jungle out there… something is going on, and damned if the Natural Health Writer knows what it is!

Remaining compliant with your nutritional supplement copywriting is more than difficult — it is, in fact, the ultimate moving target. This supplement copywriter can get you close; only an FDA-fluent lawyer can hit the target.

However, there remains a bulletproof option for making science-backed statements about your supplement: Claims that have already received the “thumbs-up” from the FDA.

Click here to check out a list of supplement claims that are a-OK with the FDA.

Remember: You must use these claims verbatim, a.k.a. word-for-word, and your products must fit their definition.

Of course, these claims are not exactly Sexy Nutrition

But something about the FDA-styled wording conveys such gravitas that it makes a potent supplement marketing message.

Want to learn more? Check out this page on the difference between Authorized Health Claims and Qualified Health Claims.

Your Customers Are Like Star Trek’s Borg

Remember the Borg from Star Trek? They inhabited a massive cube-shaped spaceship. They thought with a collective hive mind. They assimilated anything useful. When something was of no use, the Borg ignored it completely.

The Enterprise crew blasted the Borg with phasers. This worked… temporarily. After 12 phaser blasts, the Borg adapted to the phaser frequency, rendering the blasts ineffective. The solution? A modulating phaser that changed frequency with each blast. The Borg was unable to adapt because it was faced with something new and unpredictable.

Your audience is the Borg.

When you blast your supplement marketing message with the same frequency every time, your audience will adapt — the blast will be ineffective.

Top 5 weird tricks“…. “Top 3 secrets“… “The #1 tip for“… do these subject lines look familiar? Oh yes, these subjects work… temporarily. But by now, your audience has adapted. The message no longer works. Nutritional supplement consumers are smarter than that.

Make your nutritional supplement marketing message like a modulating phaser beam. Mix it up. Present something different each time. And above all, present something useful to your audience. When you do, your nutritional supplement will be assimilated

Boldly going where no supplement copywriter has gone before,

~ P.J.S. Dougherty
the Natural Health Writer

What is Sexy Nutrition?

Sexy Nutrition is a nutritional supplement marketing strategy I created… a way of connecting with consumers at their emotional core.

Marilyn’s natural sex appeal was maximized with marketing.

Uniting my inimitable nutritional supplement copywriting with education, branding and storytelling, Sexy Nutrition marketing campaigns have achieved 12X ROI. The Sexy Nutrition secret?

(for maximum impact, press play…)

[haiku url=”″ title=”You know you want to.”]

Awwwww yeah. Sexy Nutrition is always in italics. Sexy Nutrition is that little somethin’ somethin’, that mmm… yes that makes consumers buy supplements.

Sexy Nutrition cannot be taught. But make no mistake… every supplement you sell has latent sex appeal, just waiting for the right marketing touch to bring it out.

Every nutrient has a romantic back story with irresistible benefits… there are natural potions and elixirs, tonics and mysterious herbs. How sexy is that?

When you tap supplements’ sex appeal and express it to consumers… that is Sexy Nutrition. If you achieve it, your supplement sales catch fire.

Let’s get it on,

~ P.J.S. the N.H.W.

P.S.: For more on how to implement and use my Sexy Nutrition sales techniques, sign up for my newsletter at right and receive my Top 5 Supplement Marketing Tips report.

P.P.S.: It’s heating up. We’re just getting started. More Sexy Nutrition soon to come.

On Aliens with Big Heads

Star Trek suggests that aliens with big heads use telepathy to communicate. The Natural Health Writer concurs. We are evolving towards this.

Marketing today is so short. As we use fewer words to communicate, we progress to using no words at all.

In the meantime, concise content remains king. For a mind teeming with ideas, brevity is a rare gift.

Many have said it, but I feel Cicero said it best: “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”

Agreed… if I had more time, I would have written a shorter blog post. Tally ho,

~ P.J.S., the N.H.W.

Congrats to OmniActive!

OmniActive Health Technologies has won Frost & Sullivan’s 2011 Global Product Differentiation Excellence Award for Eye Health Ingredients.

OmniActive won for their Lutemax 2020™ combination of lutein and zeaxanthin, which outshone best-in-class competitors by excelling in unique product development, quality assurance, market acceptance, potential growth opportunities and brand perception.

OmniActive Vice President Hiren Doshi said, “On the day of this singular recognition from Frost & Sullivan, we thank all those who have assisted in researching, producing and marketing this unique ingredient worldwide.”

To Hiren I say, “You’re quite welcome!” The Natural Health Writer was the voice behind one of OmniActive’s biggest marketing initiatives of 2010, part of a tremendous team effort that contributed to their award-winning year.

All kudos to OmniActive: One of the industry’s brightest companies, with an amazing team, an unparalleled dedication to quality, and a line of science-backed products that represent the very best of what nutritional supplements can achieve.

SPIRU-TEIN Reigns Supreme

Imagine the indulgent, creamy sensation of old-fashioned ice cream parlor shakes...

SPIRU-TEIN is synonymous with “incredibly delicious.”

This I understood from day one as the Lead Copywriter of Nature’s Plus. Founder Gerald Kessler’s always positioned SPIRU-TEIN as an amazing taste sensation. And in truth, SPIRU-TEIN was the first great-tasting protein powder supplement. When I arrived at Nature’s Plus, I elevated Kessler’s taste-centric strategy to a whole new level. More than delicious, I made SPIRU-TEIN a rich, creamy, decadent sensory experience — and in doing so, contributed to one of the Industry’s most enduring and influential products. And here’s an industry insider scoop: SPIRU-TEIN is about to come out with a product that will change everything. Stay tuned.

The Lesson: Strong descriptive writing is a critical step in differentiating your product and claiming your place as King of the Mountain. But don’t B.S. your potential customers. The advertisements below only work ’cause SPIRU-TEIN truly is incredibly delicious.

Iron Chef-inspired SPIRU-TEIN Supreme ad copy

Sinfully delicious & oh-so naughty. That's Sexy Nutrition.

Even more delicious than Boo Berry frosted cereal.

Advertising is Dead

I am fortunate to have three friends who happen to be marketing geniuses.

Shake the tree.

Alex Leonov, a Moscow-based Marketing Director, is one of them. I listened when Alex proclaimed “Advertising is dead,” but I never understood… until now.

You see, I have written reams of nutritional supplement advertising; brochures, pamphlets, print ads and more. But as I build Natural Health Writer dot com, I have little enthusiasm about posting these pieces. I want to ensure your supplement success, and these days, a tri-fold brochure  just isn’t enough.

This is the Natural Product Industry. Consumer education is the key. The more consumers know about a supplement, the more they will buy that supplement. When education reaches critical mass, one-time buyers graduate into lifelong, loyal customers who share their beliefs with their friends.

The Lesson: Choose the vessel that can deliver an education about your supplement. A booklet is deep and thorough. A custom-published magazine provides ongoing education. And supplement web reporting can elevate customer interaction to an exciting new level. Advertising is dead. Long live marketing.

Mariel’s Personal Best

Click here for the full interview.

Mariel Hemingway is a natural health icon with superior literary DNA. So it should come as no surprise that she provided one of the best quotes in Natural Health Writer Celebrity Interview history:

NHW: You have a history of promoting this personal health responsibility; especially in your work to uphold Americans’ free access to vitamins and supplements.

Mariel Hemingway: There is a tremendous power in self-healing through our ability to make choices in vitamins and supplements. Yet there’s a whole load of crap out there, too. We’re Americans and we need to be able to make those choices on our own because they’re still selling us big ads. Merck wants us to buy this anti-inflammatory something and stuff for our heart and cholesterol crap medicine. I love all those side effect warnings: ‘May cause symptoms of insanity’ but other than that it’s all good. So if we’re being pushed to do those things, then we have the right to make healthful choices. Why should that be taken away? The FDA is so influenced by drug companies; it’s big business. Big business is not going to go away. But don’t take my other health food choices away.”

The Lesson: Any goofball can interview a celebrity. But to really make the story sparkle, you need creative, insightful questions that unearth powerful truths. The question guides the answer.