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“Hey, I’m Pat. I’ll show you how to win at nutritional supplement and natural health copywriting and content marketing.”

P.J.S. Dougherty
the Natural Health Writer™
Supplement Content Sage
& Copywriting Legend

Recent projects

  • High-volume supplement blogger: 100+ Blog articles for organic SEO campaign; 97% first-rank on Google achieved for keywords within 1 year
  • 50+ taglines and 25+ blurbs for consumer wellness device; written to comply with Health Canada regulations
  • Brand genesis: Developed voice, content concepts, claims, product sell sheets and more for multiple category-leading brands, including the world’s #1 nootropic supplement
  • 20+ supplement sell sheets for unique formulas: Positioning, claims, headlines, research, more
  • 12,000-word How-To Guide of advanced nutritional supplement usage guidelines, providing in-depth strategies on dosage, timing and combinations for maximum benefit
  • Sales training newsletter for industry-leading supplement brand, 12K copies on a quarterly basis.  Actionable marketing insight on maximizing sales on an associate level to resonate through all stores nationally.

Pilot a Content Juggernaut

  • 10+ million third-party published booklets on nutritional supplement ingredients. It was like printing money.
  • Blog building: Creating WordPress templates, style/voicing, editorial calendar, publishing 1,500+ long-form, SEO tuned, thought leadership caliber blog posts in 2.5 years
  • Publisher of 3 third-party brand-supporting alternative health magazines, circulation ranging from 100K to 500K
I have worked side-by-side with dozens of nutritional supplement industry leaders.

Some of my favorite copywriting and content marketing work has been featured by:

  • Nature’s Plus
  • NBTY
  • Vitamin World
  • Puritan’s Pride
  • Doctor’s Best
  • Pycnogenol
  • Kaneka
  • Piping Rock
  • Opti-Nutra
  • Mind Lab Pro
  • Restorative Formulations
  • TriVita
  • Cosway
  • Youngevity
  • Patient One
  • NeurOptimal
  • Chemi-Nutra
  • VisiVite
  • Solgar

Strong Supplement Content; Smart Supplement Claims

Crystallize your consumer’s health desire, do your research and boldly make your claim.

P.J.S. Dougherty, the Natural Health Writer™

Crush Natural Health Content Marketing

The Natural Health Writer™ helps you conquer the competition with high-volume, high-authority, thought leadership blog posts and articles.

Have you heard that I talk a lot of smack? Well, it is true. But it’s cool, ’cause I back up all the talk with spectacular results.

Find out why I am the Best Supplement Copywriter in the Universe right here.

FDA Writing: Good for All

Let’s get your nutritional supplement copy closer to target.

The Natural Health Writer™ can help get your claims on track for a faster, easier legal review.

Only an FDA attorney can hit the bullseye. I can get you close-to-target. Clients are amazed at how my copy breezes through legal review.

My FDA-Friendly content saves clients significant time and money — respecting DSHEA without sacrificing supplement sales impact.

P.J.S. Dougherty, the Natural Health Writer™

Learn More about my FDA-friendly nutritional supplement writing, as well as my Health Canada-friendly consumer wellness product copywriting.

See the difference Professional Copywriting from a Supplement Specialist can make

Random freelance writers working odd jobs lack nutritional supplement expertise.

With 15+ years of natural product and nutritional supplement industry expertise, the Natural Health Writer™ is here to make your life easy.

Let’s Work Together.

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The Supplement Industry is my passion and my muse.

I’m always happy to discuss supplements and natural health. Especially their bright future and limitless potential.

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Nutritional Supplement Copywriting Horsepower

Natural Health Writer™ is your concept development mastermind.

I build the content marketing model, editorial calendar, SEO guidelines and article templates.

  • For high-volume projects, the Natural Health Writer™ scales and deploys my own concepts to my own team at Apollo Press, Inc. (Supplemental Copywriting).

Each writer at Apollo Press has been personally selected by the Natural Health Writer™ and trained in the ways of supplement copywriting and health marketing mastery.

Partner with the Natural Health Writer™, and dominate your content marketing with consultant insight backed by agency horsepower. 

You cannot defeat the Natural Health Writer™ at Words With Friends.

You cannot even approach me at word games.

But who dares wins: Any challenger who defeats the Natural Health Writer™ at Words With Friends will win a FREE audit and feedback on one (1) nutritional supplement from your brand. Includes the Apollo Speed Test (basic claims risk assessment. How fast are you driving?).

Challenge me if you dare.