Services: Copywriting, Content, Marketing, Creative

Sell Sheets

One-pager, front and back designed to communicate a product’s most important features, benefits and unique selling propositions. Portfolio example: Neuro-One 8.5 x 11 product flyer

Product Pages

Web pages that communicate everything about a product, infinitely scrolling and free from one-page sell sheet constraints. Portfolio example: MCT Energy Oil

Ingredient Pages

Can be part of both Sell Sheets and Product Pages; can also be more in-depth as a standalone page. Details each of the ingredients in a formula. Portfolio example: Burn Lab Pro

SEO Blog Articles

Informational and commercial blog articles including keyword research and tuning, headers, meta descriptions, AI images, alt tags. Portfolio examples:

Benefits of Nootropics
Are Nootropics Safe?
Best Nootropic Supplements
Best Probiotic for Constipation
List of Nootropics
Best Prebiotic Supplement
Best Energy Supplements
Best Caffeine Pills

Additional portfolio samples. Articles distributed via list where SEO was not paramount.

The Gut Brain Connection & Why it Matters – Blog genesis & concept development, first blog published by brand, legally reviewed

The Mythical COVID Pill – B2B blog article advising brands to avoid any claims related to COVID

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Compliance Consulting

As a 20+ year copywriter, I can help clean up your copy for the FDA, FTC and Amazon, taking compliance close-to-target for a faster, easier legal review.

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Supplement Marketing

As a supplement copywriter with 20+ years’ experience, I have lots of insight to share on how you can effectively market your natural health products.

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Video Scripts

Short-form commercials for products and long-form videos, typically brand storytelling

Brand Books

Comprehensive document outlines and defines the visual and verbal elements of a brand to ensure consistency. Portfolio Example: PipingRock Brand Book

Supplement Reviews

I’ve written hundreds of reviews on dietary supplements, giving expert analysis for customers who are ready to buy. Portfolio Example: Slimvance Thermogenic Review

Branded Ingredients Content

I love writing about branded ingredients. They require extra education and marketing, but really sparkle when they are explored in depth.

Health Guides

Long-form articles, guides and booklets that provide much greater detail on entire natural health categories, supplement usage and stacking, etc. Portfolio Example: Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over 50

Brand Genesis

Hand me a supplement facts only, and I will reverse engineer an entire brand. Name, taglines, claims, research dossiers, blog calendar, email autoresponders.

White Papers

Detailed and authoritative report or document that provides information, analysis, and recommendations on various natural products to inform and persuade readers.

B2B Supplement Writing

Business-to-business (B2B) informative and technical content that addresses the specific needs and concerns of businesses and professionals. Portfolio Example: Amazon Dietary Supplement Compliance

Research & Development, Claims

Assistance with formulating products, selecting ingredients, evaluating branded options, developing and substantiating claims, analyzing competitors

Third-Party Magazines, Books & Articles (print)

A great marketing tool that can include magazines, booklets, mini-magazines, external websites.

Doctor and Health Practitioner Writing

In this space I have done ghostwriting of articles, booklets, letters for doctors and holistic practitioners. I have also done copywriting for doctor-distributed products. Portfolio example: Restorative Formulations Catalog

Print Ads & Google Ads

Print is old-school but it shares some aspects of Google ads. I brainstorm myriad options so you can test and test until you find the best.

Quality & Manufacturing Content

High-demand service. I do a deep dive on quality and manufacturing to write a wealth of content communicating why your product is top-shelf, premium, held to a higher standard.

Sales Training

As both print and digital media, designed to educate and empower retail store associates. Portfolio example: Vitamin World Healthy Sales Newsletter

Press Releases

I write great PR. Consistent production of high-quality press releases can boost business and help build backlinks to your site.

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