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Seeking a biotech writer? I’m your huckleberry. And in this article, I will discuss how I can help you with all your biotechnology content writing needs.

My name is Pat Dougherty, the Natural Health Writer. I write about health and wellness from many angles, including biotech.

In the ever-evolving world of biotechnology, where scientific innovation meets the need for crystal-clear communication, there exists a unique convergence of skills, experiences, and passions.

Biotech is a realm where the power of the pen plays a pivotal role, writing to transcend the boundaries between technical documentation and storytelling that drives sales.

My biotech writer power is fueled by my background as a copywriter in the nutritional supplement industry.

Today, I invite you to join me on this journey and explore how my expertise in both supplements and biotechnology, along with my knack for persuasive writing, has enabled me to excel in crafting compelling writing that adheres to the most stringent regulations worldwide.

The Copywriter’s Odyssey: A Journey from Nutritional Supplements to Cutting-Edge Science

My odyssey as a copywriter began in the nutritional supplement space, an arena that demands not only creative flair but also a deep understanding of scientific intricacies.

Nutritional supplements, much like biotechnology, operate at the intersection of science and consumer demand.

My journey began with the craft of persuasive writing, where each word had the potential to educate, inspire, and ultimately drive sales.

During this formative period of my career, I honed my ability to create engaging narratives that resonated with consumers seeking a healthier lifestyle.

I learned that crafting a story around a product, infused with scientific authenticity, could not only pique curiosity but also educate, build trust and ultimately help people improve their health.

This skill would later become invaluable as I transitioned into the world of biotechnology, where regulatory rigor and technical complexity reigned supreme.

The Birth of a Biotechnology Writer

The leap from nutritional supplements to biotechnology might seem like a giant stride, but in truth, it was a seamless transition.

Both domains share a common thread – the necessity for precise, compliant, and persuasive writing.

Biotechnology, by nature, is a realm where groundbreaking innovations can change the course of human history. However, these innovations often come bundled with intricate scientific jargon that can confound the layperson.

My evolution as a biotechnology writer was characterized by an unyielding commitment to bridging this communication gap.

It became evident that my unique blend of technical writing prowess and creative storytelling had a distinct role to play in this dynamic field. Biotechnology wasn’t just about translating complex science; it was about making that science accessible to everyone.

The Art of Research and Translation

One of the cornerstones of my journey as a biotechnology writer has been my ability to dive into the depths of clinical studies and emerge with a treasure trove of insights.

In a field where cutting-edge research is the norm, staying up-to-date is paramount. I’ve spent countless hours delving into the intricacies of clinical trials, dissecting their findings, and distilling this knowledge into compelling writing.

Translating research isn’t merely about paraphrasing scientific jargon; it’s about crafting a narrative that resonates with the target audience. A scientist is not always adept at communicating such insight in an accessible, easy-to-understand way.

Note: I am not a scientist! But I love to help scientists and doctors to craft effective copy.

Whether it’s explaining the intricacies of gene editing or the potential of CRISPR-Cas9 technology, I take pride in my ability to transform complex technical language into digestible content.

This is where my experience writing about nutritional supplements became a valuable asset, as it taught me the art of simplifying scientific concepts without sacrificing accuracy.

Navigating the Rigorous Waters of Regulation

My journey writing for biotech reached new heights when I had the opportunity to work on a medical device marketing project destined for Canada.

The Canadian regulatory landscape is known for its stringent requirements, making it a true litmus test for any biotech writer.

(learn more about medical device regulations in Canada)

Crafting technical documentation, marketing content and other writing that adhered to these regulations while ensuring the product’s value was crystal clear was a monumental challenge.

However, I thrived in this demanding environment, using my expertise to navigate the intricate web of regulations while simultaneously creating persuasive content.

Learn more about my take on regulatory compliance for health products

Unique medical device = biotech writer challenge.

a photo of a brain sensing medical device in a laboratory setting, my first biotech writer project.
My extensive experience as a nootropics copywriter helped my biotech writing for a brain-oriented medical device.

I don’t want to give away the client entirely. I will call it a self-improvement device that works by training the brain via biofeedback. They required writing for their website that spoke to their audience in clear, easy-to-understand terms.

My experience writing for this biotech client reinforced my belief that, in biotechnology, writing isn’t just about conveying information—it’s about adhering to the highest standards of quality, compliance, and transparency.

Let me set the stage for the challenge.

Medical writing of any kind in Canada must adhere to a particularly stringent code. If you are a medical writer in Canada, I empathize with you. Especially those writing in the realm of “Consumer Medical Devices” as I was.

Writing about this device, well you just can’t explain how it works. And you can’t really mention the benefits it provides explicitly. Therein lies the brand messaging challenge. How do you say it without saying it?

The principal medical writer — indeed the whole medical writing team of the brand — had fallen short in their efforts. The brand’s senior manager looked outside for help and found me, the Natural Health Writer.

And as it turned out, their challenge of not being able to say what their product did in their writing was right in my wheelhouse. After all, I’d been navigating that writing challenge for 20 years in the supplement industry.

What I did create was a list of 100 or so taglines, factoids, summaries of case studies and claims that painted a vivid (if vague) picture of the device and its value without crossing any medical writing boundaries or getting served with legal regulatory documents. It is one of my proud success stories.

Here are some samples of my brainstorming writing for the medical device client:

  • [Medical Device] is the planet’s most relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable Brain Training experience.
  • A [Medical Device] Session measures the electrical signal of your brain’s supercomputer in action. Each successive Session updates your brain to a more efficient operating system.
  • [Device] makes Brain Training technology accessible and affordable for virtually everyone.
  • [Device] is a universal human performance tool with the potential to help you do everything you do, better.
  • With just two scalp sensors, three ear sensors and one pair of earbuds, [Device] sets up in 60 seconds – faster than any other neurofeedback system on the market.
  • [Medical Device] helps you look inside your mind and interact with your brain.
  • People have reported that [Device] feels like bringing your body, consciousness and brain into alignment.
  • [Medical Device] allows you to glimpse inside your mind and interact with your brain’s raw code programming as it performs in real time.
  • Sync your conscious mind with your subconscious supercomputer: Allow the proprietary [Device] algorithm to gently steer your brain away from chaos and toward order.

You get the idea. Now, I cannot say how many of these ultimately passed legal review. But with 100 to work with, I know the client had the writing they needed to effectively market their device.

It’s important to reiterate, all of the work that I did for this client was under Canadian regulations. In Canada, it is extremely challenging to stay compliant! This applies to all blogs, SEO articles and other writing across all business websites selling biotech in Canada.

But due to my extensive experience in the nutritional supplement industry, I was well-versed with skills related to “saying it without saying it.” (if you know, you know!)

Ultimately, I loved this particular project because it placed a lot of demand on creativity and expressive, even poetic, writing.

I stand ready to assist you with biotech writing!

Today, as I stand at the forefront of the biotechnology writing arena, I am driven by a passion for marrying science with storytelling.

My journey, which began writing in the nutritional supplement industry, has evolved into a commitment to making biotechnology accessible to all.

If your organization is seeking a biotechnology writer who possesses technical acumen, creativity, and an unwavering dedication to compliance, look no further.

I stand ready to assist clients in the biotechnology industry with all sorts of projects across writing and creative, including:

As I continue to embark on this incredible journey through the realms of biotechnology writing, I invite you to join me. Let’s craft narratives that not only educate but also inspire. Let’s bridge the gap between cutting-edge science and the everyday person.

If you’re ready to embark on this journey together, I encourage you (or your marketing director) to message me.

Together, we can unleash the full potential of biotechnology through the power of the pen. Let’s write new success stories for your biotechnology brand!

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