20+ Year Nootropics Copywriter: Strategies and Secrets

Looking for a nootropics copywriter? Or looking to become one? You are in the right place.

My name is Pat Dougherty, the Natural Health Writer.

In this article, I will share some strategies I have used as a 20+ year supplement copywriter with an emphasis on nootropics and brain supplements.

I will discuss my experience copywriting for brain supplements, nootropics and smart drugs of all types. I’m going to share some examples of my work in this space, as well as some insight I learned along the way. I’ll also reveal some strategies that will help you as you create your copy.

And of course, I will mention which nootropics benefit writers, including those I personally take to enhance writing skills and productivity.

If you are interested in hiring me as your freelance supplement copywriter, you’ll see in this article why it’s the best possible strategy you can take to crush the market.

Now, I am pushing 20 years in the industry, and sharing everything would be a very long article. So instead, I’ll be sharing some greatest hits. And some really good tips and strategies to help you succeed.

For the very best, contact me about starting a project. Let’s begin.

Quick Summary: Nootropics for Writers to Consider

Over the years I have learned a lot about nootropics. Here are my favorite nootropics for writers, specifically. I have taken all of these at some point, so please consider them as my personal recommendation.

  • Phosphatidylserine (PS): Working memory booster, for agile thinking while writing
  • Citicoline (Cognizin): For brain energy, caffeine-free cognitive performance booster
  • L-Theanine: Helps boost mood and alpha brainwaves; help me be creative and overcome writer’s block
  • L-Tyrosine: Helps me with intense focus and brain function under stress (deadlines)
  • Rhodiola: Quick mental energy, short term memory. Boosts mental performance and cognitive ability under stress

If you have any questions about these nootropics for writers, feel free to contact me.

Nootropics 101: Brain Health Supplements Copywriting

Hiring an experienced nootropics copywriter can help your sales grow.

Before the time of nootropics, when I started out as a supplement copywriter, the landscape was primarily “brain health” supplements. These typically targeted senior demographics, while focusing on benefits for age-related memory concerns.

Brain Supplement Copywriting Example: My third-party published booklet PS: Mental Clarity at Any Age was reprinted multiple times, ultimately reaching over 10 million copies in circulation. It made a significant impact on PS (phosphatidylserine) brain supplement sales in every channel through which it was distributed. It also launched my career as the Natural Health Writer.

The secret: Educational marketing to the right demographic. This wasn’t an ad. It was a 32-page booklet on PS and memory in general. Our audience was mostly 55+. They liked getting a free booklet, and they loved reading it.

Here is a snip of the PS booklet. As a third-party publication, it had a little more leeway. In it, I emphasized PS as the best nootropic for memory

What claims does a nootropics copywriter make?

When making claims about brain supplements and nootropics, it’s essential to ensure that these claims are supported by credible scientific evidence and comply with regulatory standards. Here is a list of basic, credible claims that can be made about brain supplements and nootropics:

  1. “Supports Cognitive Function”
  2. “Enhances Focus and Concentration”
  3. “Promotes Mental Alertness”
  4. “Supports Healthy Brain Aging”
  5. “May Improve Memory Function”
  6. “May Enhance Learning Capacity”
  7. “Supports Stress Management”
  8. “Enhances Mental Energy”
  9. “Supports Overall Brain Health”
  10. “May Help with Mood Regulation”
  11. “Improves Neurotransmitter Balance”
  12. “Enhances Neuroplasticity”
  13. “Supports mood balance””
  14. “May help to improve focus and improve cognition overall”
  15. Promotes long term cognitive enhancement

Remember that it’s crucial to ensure that any claims made about brain supplements and nootropics are accurate.

The best nootropics substantiate with scientific research and comply with regulatory requirements.

Additionally, supplement manufacturers should provide clear information on dosage, potential side effects, and safety precautions to consumers.

Did you know? Once upon a time, Phosphatidylserine was one of the few nutrients to receive an FDA-qualified health claim. This is a special case requiring abundant evidence where the FDA allows supplements to claim to treat or prevent a disease. The PS claim:


Yes, a begrudging claim at best, but still, even the FDA’s most reluctant acknowledgement of potential remains a big deal.

Tip: Don’t mention Alzheimer’s.

Don’t mention dementia, either. It may be tempting because several nootropics have shown potential to help with Alzheimer’s, dementia and age-related cognitive decline, none have received an FDA-qualified health claim. At least, not yet. Perhaps, someday.

Copywriting for Nootropic Supplements


Brain dietary supplements spawned nootropics. But the principles (and indeed, ingredients) of the early memory pills are still present in today’s best nootropic stacks that boost mental performance while nourishing the brain.

Enter Mind Lab Pro®. A nootropic supplement with 11 ingredients. I was brought on as a copywriter for a full overhaul, helping to reposition, rebrand, create new copy and more. I created two new taglines for the brand refresh:

100% Brainpower™

The idea is that the nootropic supplement itself can optimize the whole brain, thereby unleashing its full potential. The secondary meaning is that the capsule has no additives or pointless fillers, so the supplement is literally 100% brainpower, delivering brain-boosting ingredients ONLY.

Universal Nootropic™

Here, I express that the supplement can improve cognitive function across the board, so it can help everyone to perform better. Mental energy, creative thinking, mental clarity, positive mood, stress resistance. MLP does it all.


For your reference: A clip of the PS page for Mind Lab Pro. Here, you will see more conservative claims; along with a “brain health + nootropic performance” angle in describing its use in this formula.

My initial Mind Lab Pro copy renovation was quality work that paid immediate dividends, with testing showing that my copy outperformed the previous by a significant margin. But that was just beginning.

High Volume Blogging

What followed was one of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on. It was an all out nootropic supplement blogging blitz. Over 100 authoritative, high-quality, thought-leadership caliber blog articles in 4 months.

Within a couple of months after all were published, 99% of those articles were ranked on the first page of Google, with approximately 90% of those ranking #1 for the desired keyword.

It was complete supplement segment domination, all as the Nootropic supplement frenzy was hitting its peak.

With over one million bottles sold, Mind Lab Pro is now arguably the biggest Nootropic supplement in the world.

Nootropics Review Writer

Around the time that I was working on Mind Lab Pro, I also began writing about brain supplements and nootropic formulas through a different lens – that of the product review. I helped launch one of the most prominent Nootropic review sites.


I would delve into each of the ingredients, detailing what each one brought to the table. Evaluating the form, the dosage, the potential synergies with other ingredients in the formula and more.

This deep analysis empowered me with even more nootropic knowledge and strategy along the way. For example, being able to take a supplement facts label only, deconstruct it, and from it build an entire brand with a clearly defined position, strategy and storytelling.

Writing reviews of Nootropics made me an expert on formulation, quality, safety, price, shipping, reputation and more.

Because of this broad-reaching expertise, I am uniquely qualified to create the greatest nootropic supplement content, copywriting, branding, positioning and claims substantiation.

I am a helpful resource if you want these components of your brain health supplement to really sparkle and shine.


The Natural Health Writer is a top supplement copywriter, including Numero Uno in nootropics, for many reasons.

I have created content for no less than 30 industry-leading nootropic supplements.

Are you getting ready to launch a Nootropic supplement?

Or maybe you’re just in the conceptual phase, thinking about how you might accomplish you greatest brain supplement dreams.

If you are looking for help, here are some suggestions on different capacities in which I would hire me:


I deliver a continuum of great content to support your nootropic supplement brand! If you’re happy with your brand overall but lacking in blogging, I am here to help.

I write long-form, thought-leadership blog articles on Nootropics and brain supplements, as well as B2B writing on cognitive enhancers. As a nootropics copywriter, I integrate your products seamlessly with my articles.

I am experienced at SEO, with expertise in SurferSEO, Semrush, Search Console and others. Learn more about my services as an SEO Copywriter for Dietary Supplements.

While I am not a lawyer, I know how to keep my copy close to target when it comes to compliance, and always FDA-friendly. In conjunction with your existing SEO mojo, my blog articles are written to draw significant organic traffic that converts.

Learn more about my SEO-tuned, FDA-friendly, long-form supplement blog and article writing services


Are you among the supplement manufacturers who has been confounded by Amazon’s new dietary supplement selling guidelines? I stand ready to assist you.

With my deft copywriting skill, I can create Nootropic and brain supplement Amazon listings that strike the perfect balance between compliance and cognitive enhancement marketing sizzle.


in this scenario, I start from scratch. You provide the supplement facts of your brain health formula. That’s it. From that one piece of information, I will reverse engineer everything that you need.

Positioning, branding, explaining how the supplement works, cognitive function benefits, writing detailed ingredient pages, quality content, and more. Basically, everything you need to launch your Nootropic formula.


This is a great entry-level piece to have. When I write a sell sheet, it is front and back of a single 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. It will contain taglines, bullet points, ingredient blurbs, and other key points.

My sell sheets serve as a standalone support documents that can be repurposed across multiple channels. A single source for all claims and positions, enabling consistency and compliance to FTC & FDA regulations across all affiliates, influencers, PR, etc.


Additional projects and types of content marketing I can do for your nootropic supplement:

  • Nootropic supplement video scripts
  • Research & Development, including nootropic claims
  • Nootropic & brain function infographics & charts
  • Press releases for new nootropic supplements
  • How-To guides on nootropics and brain-healthy lifestyles
  • “Best nootropics for…” articles & guides for myriad topics
  • Quality content on nootropics and brain supplements
  • Third party publications on nootropic brain-boosters
  • Nootropic website copy: Home, How It Works, Ingredients, etc.
  • Ingredient pages for nootropics, including claims & research

On Smart Drugs for Writers

I write about dietary supplements. This does not include the literal smart drugs: Pharmaceuticals and prescription stimulants (like Adderall) that many writers rely on to maintain concentration and supercharge writing performance. In my experience, prescription stimulants are great for boosting focus, but do not necessarily improve overall productivity for me.

The Nootropic segment shall continue to thrive.

Verified™ Market Research reports the nootropic segment may reach $6.2 Billion by 2028.

Verified Market Research projects continued robust growth for nootropic supplements.

The brain is so complex. It is the key to unlocking peak quality of life. As a demographic, Nootropic buyers are more than happy to spend extra for a clean, product that works.

But in order to convey that you really have to educate the consumer and talk a lot about why your product works and why it’s great. You need to weave that compelling, science driven story in the brain health category more so than in other categories. It is the smartest strategy to succeed.

With the market projected to continue its robust growth, you can expect a lot of competition for your Nootropic supplements or smart drugs. That’s why it’s important for you to hire the best Nootropic copywriter in the world. That’s me! The Natural Health Writer.

CONTACT ME ANYTIME TO DISCUSS how I can help as your nootropics copywriter.

Or any other natural health products for that matter! I stand ready to partner with you, assisting you as we together create the strongest- selling Nootropic supplement content the universe is ever seen.

Let’s talk today!


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