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This is a blog post about writing blog posts. Specifically, blogging for dietary supplements and holistic health topics. I am the Natural Health Writer, P.J.S. Dougherty. And writing nutritional supplement blog articles is one of my top specialties.

If you are looking for a dedicated expert supplement blogger, then you are in the right place. We can get started today.

If you are “just browsing” for writers or seeking to write your own blog articles, don’t click away just yet. This article is written to help you, too.

I will be discussing what goes into a great supplement blog article. I’ll share some insight and tips that can help you get started and make the most of your blogging initiative.

Of course I won’t give away all my secrets, but even if you’re not hiring me there are gold nuggets in the copy that follows. I’m happy to share this insight with you, because I love this industry and I want us all to thrive!

Nutritional Supplement Blogging

Has your nutritional supplement brand fallen behind on blogging?

Or perhaps your blogs need a refresh to bring them up to date, sharpen SEO and bring them into FDA-proof (or at the very least, FDA-friendly) territory.

Maybe you’re just tired of the headaches. Because let’s face it. Consistent, high-quality blogging is especially challenging in the natural health sphere.

Good luck finding a writer who understands supplements. Even more challenging: finding a dietary supplement blog writer who produces FDA-friendly articles that:

  1. empower the reader with credible health knowledge
  2. sell your product without clubbing the reader over the head
  3. pass legal review and get approved to publish, quickly and easily

These blogging pain points are extra painful because supplement articles have tremendous potential to boost every aspect of your brand.

Blogging is an incredibly versatile supplement marketing tool.

In fact, when it comes to copy that sells supplements, I can think of no better vehicle than the humble blog… as long as it’s written by an awesome supplement blog writer. Here’s how a blog can really empower your brand:

SEO draws organic traffic

This is the biggest impact I have seen with my blogging. Organic traffic. These visitors are often ready to buy.

Here are some of my greatest hits. Each of the following blog articles is ranking for its respective keyword on Google.

Benefits of Nootropics – #7 Google Ranked
Are Nootropics Safe? – #4 Ranked
Best Nootropic Supplements – #4 Ranked
Best Probiotic for Constipation – #4 Ranked
Nootropics for ADHD – #1 Ranked
List of Nootropics – #2 Ranked
Best Prebiotic Supplement – #5 Ranked
Best Energy Supplements – #1 Ranked (Featured Snippet)
Best Caffeine Pills – #9 Ranked (“Best Caffeine Pills 2023”, #1 Featured Snippet)

Of course, great content alone is not enough to rank. Your overall SEO strategy, including off-page SEO efforts, plays a big part, as well.

Blogs educate consumers

Education sells supplements. Blogs educate supplement consumers.

Just imagine the possibilities, with a vast network of credible, high-quality blog posts educating consumers on the research behind your ingredients, the importance of quality, the stories that sell your supplements. All interwoven seamlessly. So that ultimately any click merely reinforces your products with credibility.

Here are some more examples of supplement blog articles distributed via list and social, where SEO was not so paramount.

The Gut Brain Connection & Why it Matters – Blog genesis & concept development, first blog published by brand, legally reviewed

The Mythical COVID Pill – B2B blog article advising brands to avoid any claims related to COVID

Blogs build credibility

When blogging is done consistently over time, you not only gain SEO traction but also build your information resources into a vast archive.

This demonstrates to the consumer that your brand knows what it is talking about… again, as long as your blogs are written with expertise and prevision.

Just imagine the possibilities, with a vast network of credible, high-quality blog posts educating consumers on the research behind your ingredients, the importance of quality, the stories that sell your supplements.

All interwoven seamlessly via links. So that ultimately any click merely reinforces your products with credibility.

I’m old-school like this kid. All my supplement blog posts are 100% written by hand. No robots!

How to Win at Dietary Supplement Blogging

Here’s the challenge: When it comes to dietary supplements, blog articles need to be a higher caliber in order to have any beneficial impact, let alone to boost your whole brand.

There are lots of low-quality blog articles on dietary supplements.

You know the kind of posts I’m talking about. Poorly written and irrelevant at best, fraught with red-flag FDA words throughout at worst.

Sometimes you get lucky and produce a fairly well-written article – but then you find it misses the mark when it comes to SEO, is irrelevant to your needs or simply doesn’t seem to serve any purpose at all.

It’s just…. fluff.

The last – the mediocre supplement blog posts – are the most painful for me to observe. Because for many, they are “good enough”, so the vast potential of supplement blogging goes unrealized.

On the flipside, when you get a great nutritional supplement blog post, you are making an investment that can bring you amazing returns.

What makes a nutritional supplement blog post great?

A blog post must have an intention to be great. It must serve a purpose.

Dietary supplement brands want to sell more dietary supplements. The blog post serves as a powerful tool to do that.

As long as you do it the right way. Let’s take a look at some things that should go into a successful dietary supplement blog both.


And lots of it. Credibility is key for the entire supplement industry. Blog articles are the perfect vehicle to showcase the research that has gone into your products. It’s beneficial to also share research that has nothing to do with your products. Such as lifestyle tips and tricks for various health concerns that you may be discussing in your articles.

Tip: do real research. Get to the source. Don’t get your blog information from competing blogs. Be original. Make the queries your own.

There are a few reasons for this. First and most obviously, plagiarism is wrong. In my world this applies to mining competitors blogs for the same information, rewriting it, etc.

Google knows the difference, anyway. Increasingly so. If you want to rank, your post must bring original insightful content into the world.


Give your visitors the information they are looking for. I have witnessed some truly cringe worthy blog posts that swing and miss spectacularly on the most basic of blogging principles.

The visitor landed on your supplement blog post looking for something specific.

In the nutritional supplement industry, this “something specific” is also something closely personal to the visitor. His or her health, the greatest wealth.

They are not as casual as other people searching on the Internet. They’re looking for important information.

If you are fortunate enough to gain their attention, you had better get to the point and quick!

Your article opening must be on topic. But what follows is even more instrumental.


In a great nutritional supplement blog article, the author will go into the details to tell the whole story – well, as much of the story as can be told in a reasonable length blog post.

A great nutritional supplement blog post writer will figure out the links using SEO tools, as well as tapping experience and some other sly tricks to pick out the most impactful word count for your topics.

This typically ranges from 2000 to 3000 words, but can be longer in some cases.

That’s a lot of content!

These days it is challenging to capture the reader’s attention for so long. That’s why you’re blog post article really have to sparkle in terms of its style it also must be formatted correctly. And top of the list, and must be structured in a sensible way.

So many blogs fail at this. Think like the inverse pyramid from high school journalism class, infused with storytelling. Broken down into simple concepts that flow from beginning to end.

This can indeed be challenging, but is essential especially for the wellness industry.

We have a duty to our customers to help them understand every ingredient that we supply in our supplements.

When it comes to matters of health, and indigestible products, the more high quality information you can supply to your consumers, the better.

Google and other search engines know this. They are rewarding longer-form content on a nutritional supplement blog that provides credible information and visitors can actually use to help their overall health.


Choose your sources, communicate them clearly and is truly, and then give credit. This aligns with the supplement industry’s best direction moving forward. And also gives you a great opportunity to market your products formulation strategy.

Claims awareness

This is one of the biggest hurdles facing nutritional supplement blog writers.

It is difficult enough to craft an entire story about an herb, nutrients, or combinations thereof. Then you’re thrown a curveball: just like the marketing material on your labels, packaging, and main website, your blog content must be respectful to FDA guidelines.

Notice I didn’t say 100% compliance with FDA guidelines. That’s because I am not a lawyer. I am a nutritional supplement blog writer. Only a lawyer can guarantee 100% compliance.

What sets me apart from other writers in that category, however, is my extensive experience crafting FDA-friendly content for nutritional supplement companies.

I like to say, only a lawyer can tell you if your content is 100% compliant. But I can get you close to the target – all while storytelling, brand building, and supplement selling.

Brand weaving

This aspect of dietary supplements blog marketing requires an especially deft hand. All of your blog content should support your product your brand in some way. But even greater than that, it must first address the visitors need directly and was strong credible information.

So product marketing must take a backseat. But not too far back, or else you will lose the reader entirely. Instead the product must be woven into the content. The more content you have, the easier and more effective this will be. Internal links, directing to more information on everything that the visitor may be looking for.


Do you have a blog? Good for you. But are you posting consistently? Is your content compliant? Are you realizing the massive potential your blog possesses?

In this article, I’ve discussed some of the challenges when it comes to maintaining a supplement blog. It can cause a lot of headaches. And spending money on low-quality content is worse than having no content at all!

If you’re willing to be hands-on and write your own blog posts, every week, like clockwork… you will succeed. But if that’s not an appealing solution, there is another option: Hire me to write your blogs.

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