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Looking to hire a sports nutrition copywriter? You’re in the right place. My name is Pat, a.k.a. the Natural Health Writer. And I’ve written up hundreds of sports nutrition products over the course of my 20+ year career in the nutritional supplement industry.

In this post, I am going to share some samples of my sports nutrition copywriting. If you are seeking a sports nutrition copywriter and would like this type of content for your brand, please do contact me anytime to schedule a chat.

How can I benefit your brand as a sports nutrition copywriter? Some ideas:

  • Blog posts. Imagine a content machine cranking out amazing articles about your products and the sports nutrients contained within them. Demand for blog articles is skyrocketing for a LOT of reasons, including SEO traffic and consumer education.
  • Product claims
  • Press releases
  • Video scripts
  • Amazon product listings (that are accepted easily because they are compliant!)
  • Sell sheets and high-converting web pages
  • Advanced usage guidelines
  • eBooks
  • Label copy
  • Pretty much everything else you can imagine!

Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™ Copy

For my sports nutrition copywriting sample, I am choosing a piece with a rather high degree of difficulty.

The client in this case had six sports nutrition supplements. To start, I wrote in-depth sell sheets for each one.

They included taglines, claims, positioning, research, calls-to-action, etc. Basically, the whole enchilada for each individual athletic supplement. It was a large and challenging undertaking…. but that was the easy part.

The client was intent on maximizing sales by pushing “stacking” of supplements.

What we needed, therefore, was an overarching sell sheet that detailed not just each supplement, but also how they complemented each other and synergized with each other. As a sports nutrition writer, this required some savvy strategy.

The goal: A consumer would, with one click, buy all six supplements at once! This would multiply revenue for the brand AND deliver superior fitness results for the consumer.

Of course, realizing this goal was a tall order. It required a lot of clever connections across multiple supplements, a ton of scientific research, and good educational language explaining how it all works together — and why consumers would be bananas not to buy everything all at once.

  • Note: I didn’t stop with this brand’s sports nutrition formulas. At the end of the document, I included how several of their other products could be “stacked” with the sports formulas for even greater results.

Standard health and fitness copywriters may be great at communicating training regimens, but they often lack the nutritional supplement copywriting expertise required for a project of this scope.

The final product was called the SPORT Stack. Behold, here it is… my sports nutrition copywriter sample follows.

Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™

World’s most sophisticated sport nutrition stack – designed to perform.

All-in-one superstack for peak athletic performance

  • Universal athletic enhancement*
  • Strength, endurance, power & intensity*
  • Muscle energy, growth, repair & recovery*

Upgrade Yourself® with Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™

One ultramodern sport nutrition program for all your athletic goals

Performance-enhancing sport nutrients work best when combined strategically and taken every day, over time. Including rest days.

But this regimen can be inconvenient, imprecise and expensive.

SPORT Stack™ is your ultimate solution: Six Performance Lab® SPORT formulas combined into one complete, convenient program with all the sport nutrition you need for peak athletic performance.

Adaptable to any fitness goal, requirement or skill level, SPORT Stack™ is:

  1. Protein: Organic brown rice protein for clean muscle nourishment
  2. Carb: World’s fastest-acting, longest lasting muscle fuel
  3. BCAA: Performance enhancer + muscle builder in clean, convenient capsules
  4. Pre: Ultramodern stim-free athletic performance supercharger
  5. Post: Muscle-restoring sport nutrition for recovery and healthy gains
  6. Maintain: Rest day muscle recharger: 12-hours’ steady anabolic nourishment

Designed for Performance

  • Fuels and energizes muscles to supercharge strength, power and athletic performance*
  • Buffers muscles to increase reps and extend time to exhaustion*
  • Boosts circulation during exercise to supply muscle-pumping oxygen, fuel and nutrition*
  • Reloads, rehydrates, protects and soothes muscles immediately after exertion*
  • Helps stimulate the growth factors and stem cells that initiate muscle development*
  • Nourishes and powers anabolic bioactivities for maximum lean muscle gains*
  • Accelerates muscle recovery, helping you return to athletics faster and stronger*
  • Amplifies all fitness program results: Strength, power, speed, endurance and more*

Healthy for Daily Use

  • Sustained rest day nourishment for healthier muscle repair and growth*
  • Supports consistent daily muscle loading required for peak athletic performance*
  • Helps bolster immune system against challenges related to gym and training*
  • 100% clean: Premium nutrients, natural flavors and natural additives only. You won’t increase your synthetic load as you take more formulas
  • Caffeine free. Add on Stim precision-dose caffeine for healthy stimulation if desired
  • Clean capsules: Plant-based, prebiotic-infused NutriCaps® from pullulan (fermented tapioca)
  • Clean powders: Naturally flavored and sweetened, no artificial colors or preservatives
  • Sport nutrition technology from Creapure® pH10, CarnoSyn®, Setria®, AjiPure®, KarboLyn®, NutriGenesis®

(Note: The sports nutrition copywriter must have a strong grasp of reasonable claims and dynamic product features. This is just another sports nutrition writer skill in my set that delivers big benefits to my valued supplement brand clients.) 

Performance Lab® Curated, Combined and Designed to Perform.

In conjunction with your fitness program, Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™ helps you achieve maximum muscle and athletic enhancement with one easy-to-use program.

Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™ supplies 14 research-backed sport nutrients

  1. Protein
  2. Carbohydrate
  3. BCAA
  4. L-Citrulline
  5. L-Glutathione
  6. L-Glutamine
  7. Creatine
  8. Beta Alanine
  9. Maritime Pine Bark
  10. Coconut Sugar
  11. Himalayan Pink Salt
  12. Pomegranate
  13. Iron
  14. Potassium

As 6 unique Performance Lab® SPORT formulas – effective solo, even better stacked together

  1. SPORT Protein
  2. SPORT Carb
  3. SPORT Pre
  4. SPORT Post
  6. SPORT Maintain

Precision-designed to interlock perfectly as ONE master stack for peak athletic performance

  • Enhanced strength and power
  • Extended physical endurance
  • Amped-up mind/body intensity
  • Improved competitive performance
  • Accelerated muscle recovery
  • Massive lean muscle gains
  • Soothing muscle comfort
  • Optimized body composition

Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™ Strategy

To achieve the greatest fitness gains with the fewest products, Performance Lab® curates the best research-backed ergogenics and combines them strategically in SPORT Stack™ for performance-amplifying synergy:

Maximum Muscle Energy: Supercharge in Action, Recharge at Rest

Creatine + BCAA + Carbohydrate + Himalayan Pink Salt + Coconut Sugar + Iron

Muscle energy powers athletic performance and anabolic activity. SPORT Stack™ supplies the fuel and the spark: Carbohydrate optimized with salt and sugar transporters that absorbs fast and lasts 2 hours, plus sport nutrient cell-chargers to maintain energy output during exertion and reload depleted muscles during downtime.

Athletic Performance Enhancers: Strength, Endurance and Intensity

Protein + Carbohydrate + Creatine + Beta Alanine + BCAA + Maritime Pine Bark

Athletes only advance via progressive overload: One more rep, one mile longer, one second faster. SPORT Stack™ helps by buffering muscles from failure-inducing acids, blocking fatigue, enhancing oxygen utilization and promoting circulation. Result: Peak physical performance to achieve the greatest possible athletic advancement.

Athletic Circulation: Oxygenate, Fuel, Nourish and Detoxify Muscles

L-Glutathione + L-Citrulline + Maritime Pine Bark

Healthy blood flow delivers oxygen, fuel and nutrition to muscles for optimal energy, performance and recovery; as well as helping to clear fatigue-inducing, protein-damaging waste away from muscles. SPORT Stack™ includes ultramodern nitric oxide boosters that relax blood vessels and promote healthy muscle circulation.

Advanced Hydration: Convenient Sports-Drink-In-A-Capsule Designs

Himalayan Pink Salt + Potassium + Carbohydrate + NutriCaps® + Water

Hydration maximizes athletic performance, reduces cramps and improves recovery. SPORT Stack™ helps with sports-drink-in-a-capsule innovations: Electrolytes and trace minerals that rehydrate the body when taken with water. Plus, SPORT Stack™ carbohydrate absorbs so quickly it pulls fluids in its wake, further enhancing hydration.

Accelerated Recovery: Efficiently Restore, Repair and Reload Muscles

Protein + Carbohydrate + Creatine + BCAA + Pomegranate + Iron

SPORT Stack™ starts replenishing muscles as soon as you finish working out, then continues into the next day – nourishing for growth and repair, soothing aches and recharging energy. SPORT Stack™ helps accelerate and enhance your physical recovery so you can return to athletics faster and stronger.

Robust Muscle Growth: Anabolic Stacks for Maxed-Out Size and Strength

Protein + Carbohydrate + BCAA + Creatine + L-Glutamine

In addition to powering muscle growth, SPORT Stack™ initiates athletic development by stimulating growth hormones, raising nitrogen, signaling muscle stem cells and sparking muscle protein synthesis (MPS). SPORT Stack™ clean protein and amino acids then feed muscle with building blocks required for maximum gains.

Sérgio Raul Abreu, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

SPORT Stack™ Sport Nutrient Synergy

SPORT Stack™ features sport nutrients that have demonstrated synergistic effects in human research:

SPORT Stack™ Combos – Research-Backed Synergies

Protein + Carbohydrate

  • Faster carbohydrate uptake into muscle
  • Greater muscle protein synthesis after exercise
  • Accelerated restoration of muscle energy stores

Beta Alanine + Protein + Carbohydrate

  • Enhanced carnosine muscle-loading activity
  • Shifts metabolism from catabolic to anabolic

Creatine + Protein + Carbohydrate

  • Greater muscle growth, size and strength
  • Boost muscle creatine retention by 25%

Protein + Creatine

  • Improved muscle strength and power

L-Glutamine + L-Citrulline

  • Muscle nitric oxide boost that lasts 2X as long

L-Citrulline + BCAA

  • Citrulline improves utilization of BCAA

L-Citrulline + Maritime Pine

  • Relaxes blood vessels and promotes blood flow better together

(Note: If you are ready to call me out, please press pause! I know that “synergy” is a forbidden concept when it comes to FDA writing for supplements. But in this case, the client wanted to included the concept, so I complied.)

Ultramodern Sport Nutrition Technology

SPORT Stack™ elevates all its ingredients by curating today’s most advanced sport nutrient forms that are cleaner, more powerful, and more effective than anything ever developed.

With SPORT Stack™, you get all of today’s greatest sport nutrients in one range:

Ultramodern sport amino acids, minerals and vitamins: Clean, absorbable and effective

The first clean vegan protein powder clinically shown to build muscle as effectively as whey protein

The fastest-acting, longest-lasting carbohydrate muscle fuel ever developed

Setria® Performance Blend
Nitric oxide-boosting combo shown in research to help build and maintain lean muscle mass

CarnoSyn® and SR CarnoSyn®
Instant and sustained carnosine muscle-loading for enhanced athletic performance and recovery

Creapure® pH10
99.5% pure Creatine, pH-balanced to boost bioavailability and supercharge strength

Packs the muscle-protective antioxidant activity of an entire pomegranate into just 100 mg

Pure, premium muscle-building amino acids made with eco-friendly Ferment-A-Pure technology

Himalayan Pink Salt
Prized sport nutrition ingredient supplies a natural complex of trace minerals and electrolytes

Maritime Pine Bark Extract
Muscle-protective super-antioxidant and circulation-booster; strongest potency on the market

(Note: As a sports nutrition copywriter of some esteem, I have advanced knowledge of today’s leading branded ingredients for athletic supplements. This is important for the industry, and will only rise in demand in coming years.)

Ultraclean Performance Lab® Design

With other sport nutrition stacks, increasing the number of formulas you take may multiply your intake of artificial colors, preservatives, flavors and additives.

Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™ is 100% clean.

  • No artificial colors, no preservatives, no GMO, no soy and no synthetic additives of any kind
  • NutriCaps® delivery: Revolutionary clean vegan-friendly capsule technology made from pullulan (naturally fermented from tapioca) and infused with prebiotics
  • SPORT Protein and SPORT Carb powders’ delicious chocolate flavor is 100% natural, from organic cocoa, vanilla and Ceylon cinnamon; naturally sweetened with organic yacon root, monk fruit and stevia

Whether you take a lot of SPORT Stack™ or a little, your synthetic additive load remains zero.

The smartest sport nutrition stack ever developed.

Stacking sport nutrition supplements from multiple brands is unpredictable. SPORT Stack™ performs better with sport nutrition supplements that are designed to go together.

Stacking with other brands

  • Haphazard dosages across multiple products; sometimes too much, sometimes too little
  • May create overlaps where there are redundant or antagonistic ingredients
  • Often include synthetic additives that accumulate as you take more products in a stack
  • Needlessly elaborate and bloated formulas; wasteful, inefficient designs
  • Expensive!
  • Caffeine may be present in one large megadose or in smaller doses across multiple products that add up to performance-diminishing overstimulation
  • Unknown variables when combining several formulas from several brands may lead to side effects

Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™

  • Precise dosages across multiple products, designed to combine for a specific set of athletic benefits
  • No overlaps. Each ingredient is purpose-driven, all are curated and combined to work better together
  • No synthetic additives, ever.
  • Streamlined formulas: As much sport nutrition as required for athletic advancement, no more
  • Cost-effective!
  • Caffeine-free by design. Optional Performance Lab® Stim stacks seamlessly with SPORT Stack™, delivering performance-enhanced caffeine in precise 50 mg doses
  • Consistent and clean stack, expertly combined and designed to perform with excellent tolerability

Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™ supplies the best sport nutrient combinations known to science in the most convenient format ever developed.

Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™ Formulas

SPORT Protein
World’s cleanest muscle-boosting protein powder
Oryzatein® Certified Organic Brown Rice [Oryza sativa] Protein Concentrate)

SPORT Protein is SPORT Stack™’s foundation formula for muscle strength and growth. It features the greatest sport protein ever developed, Oryzatein®: An ultramodern, vegan-friendly rice protein clinically shown to build muscle as effectively as whey, with leucine that absorbs 30% faster.

  • Enhances muscle strength, power, endurance and overall athletic performance
  • Promotes healthy muscle recovery and robust muscle growth
  • Helps support natural appetite control and weight management
  • Amplifies ultimate results of all muscle-building and general fitness programs

SPORT Protein Oryzatein® is also the world’s cleanest protein, made with Hexane-free extraction and low-heat technology that improves stability and taste. It is 100% naturally flavored with organic cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon yacon monk fruit and stevia for a delicious shake sensation you can look forward to every day.

World’s fastest-acting, longest-lasting muscle fuel
KarboLyn®, Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Coconut Sugar

Carbohydrate is crucial muscle fuel for athletic performance and development. That’s why SPORT Stack™ SPORT Carb features ultramodern KarboLyn® – a bioengineered 2-in-1 simple/complex carb innovation shown to absorb faster and last longer. SPORT Carb organic transporters boost carb uptake and help KarboLyn® work even better.

  • Hyperloads muscle with athletic performance-enhancing carbohydrate
  • Loads muscle faster for quick strength; sustains muscle power longer for extended endurance
  • Refuels muscle over hours to steadily power growth and recovery
  • Clean and easy: No typical carb crashing, absorption delays, bloating or gastric distress

SPORT Carb muscle fuel works with all SPORT Stack™ formulas, powering strength, endurance, recovery and more. SPORT Carb also enhances absorption of other SPORT Stack™ nutrients and helps rehydrate the body.

Versatile performance enhancer + muscle builder in convenient capsules
Branched-chain amino acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine (Ajipure® and NutriGenesis®)

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are key sport nutrients for all muscular fitness programs, capable of helping strength, growth, endurance and more. SPORT Stack™ includes SPORT BCAA as a source of branched chain acids in two ultramodern, highly bioavailable fermented forms: Ajipure® + NutriGenesis®.

  • Maximizes gains by accelerating muscle growth while slowing muscle breakdown
  • Energizes and enhances muscle strength across all athletic activities
  • Extends athletic endurance by blocking fatigue-inducing neurotransmitters
  • Reduces muscle soreness and reloads muscles for faster, healthier recovery

Presented in vegan-friendly NutriCaps® made from fermented tapioca, SPORT BCAA is a cleaner, more convenient BCAA supplement than typical bad-tasting BCAA powders loaded with artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners.

Ultramodern athletic performance supercharger
Setria® Performance Blend [L-Citrulline (Kyowa Quality®), L-Glutathione (Setria®)], Creapure® pH10 Creatine, CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, Maritime Pine Bark Extract (95% proanthocyanidins), Himalayan Pink Salt, NutriGenesis® Iron

SPORT Stack™ primes muscles for peak performance with SPORT Pre. Clean, stim-free SPORT Pre features Setria® Performance Blend: A nitric-oxide boosting, muscle-pumping sport nutrition breakthrough shown in research to significantly enhance muscle performance, growth and recovery.

  • Enhances exercise performance by sparking muscle-charging ATP energy
  • Raises nitric oxide (NO) to support muscle blood flow and oxygenation, strength and recovery
  • Improves endurance by buffering and hydrating hard-working muscles
  • Helps reduce muscle soreness and overall fatigue after exertion

Take SPORT Pre 30 minutes before exercise to enhance muscle power, training intensity and endurance across all types of exercise while nourishing muscles for healthy growth and recovery.

Today’s cleanest, smartest muscle-restoring post-workout formula
Creapure® pH10 Creatine, SR CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, Ajipure® L-Glutamine, P40p™ Pomegranate Extract (40% punicosides, 50% total polyphenols), Himalayan Pink Salt, NutriGenesis® Potassium

SPORT Post initiates SPORT Stack™ nourishment after exertion, giving muscles a head start on recovery and growth. SPORT Post’s sophisticated design also includes muscle-soothing pomegranate antioxidants and “sports-drink-in-a-capsule” technology that rehydrates muscle efficiently (when taken with water).

  • Promotes more robust muscle growth than exercise alone
  • Stimulates muscle stem cells and boosts muscle ATP energy production
  • Supports faster, more comfortable muscle recovery after exertion
  • Reloads depleted muscles so you are stronger for your next session

SPORT Post maximizes SPORT Stack™’s anabolic potential. Take it after exertion to reload muscles, soothe aches and return to form faster. Take it over time with SPORT Stack™ to promote the greatest possible muscle gains.

SPORT Maintain
Turn rest-day downtime into 12 hours’ steady anabolic nourishment
Creapure® pH10 (Creatine), SR CarnoSyn® (sustained-release Beta-Alanine), NutriGenesis® Iron

Smart sport nutrition stacking includes rest day. SPORT Stack™’s revolutionary rest-day muscle recharger SPORT Maintain leverages SR CarnoSyn® nutritional technology to nourish anabolic growth up to 12 hours while you rest. NutriGenesis® Iron replenishes a key performance mineral that is depleted by intense exercise.

  • Restores depleted muscles with crucial sports nutrients on rest day
  • Primes muscles for stronger athletic performance in your next session
  • Extended rest day nourishment for healthier muscle repair and growth
  • Helps with consistent daily muscle loading required for peak athletic performance

Integrating seamlessly with SPORT Stack™’s more dynamic performance-enhancing formulas, SPORT Maintain turns passive rest into active prep – for a stronger return to athletic training and competition.

SPORT Stack™ Synergy
SPORT Pre + Post + Maintain

SPORT Stack™ SPORT Pre + Post + Maintain are designed as an easy, convenient solution for getting the consistent daily beta alanine + creatine intake shown to produce the best muscle benefits in research.

How to Take SPORT Stack™ 

  • Pre 800 mg 1250 mg Active day: 30 minutes before training or competition Quickly charges muscles to perform + loads muscle over time
  • Post 1200 mg (as SR Carnosyn®) 1750 mg Active day: Immediately after training or competition Quickly replenishes muscles after exertion + loads muscle over time
  • Maintain 1600 mg (as SR Carnosyn®) 3000 mg Rest day: 3 caps in a.m., 3 caps in p.m. Slowly recharges muscle and nourishes growth over 12 hours

SPORT Stack™ is the ultimate team of athletic and anabolic performance-enhancers in one easy program. Take it to achieve your full athletic potential.

Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™ Stacks Well With…

(Note: I am not just a sports nutrition copywriter. I am a dietary supplements writer! This makes me uniquely qualified to integrate supplements from other categories into this sports nutrition copy.)


Ultramodern caffeine for clean, calm, performance-tuned stimulation

NutriGenesis® Caffeine Balance B-Complex (Riboflavin, B6, Folate, B12), Natural Caffeine (from Coffea robusta seeds), Suntheanine® L-Theanine, Ajipure® L-Tyrosine

Caffeine amplifies intensity, endurance, energy and overall athletic performance – but may also bring on jitters, crashes and burnout.

Performance Lab® Stim is a smarter approach to caffeine supplementation, designed for greater dosing precision, fewer side effects and performance-tuned stimulation.

  • Caffeine enhanced for superior intensity, athletic and thermogenic performance
  • Helps reduce jitters, crashes and other negative effects of caffeine overstimulation
  • Promotes balanced physiological responses to caffeine-induced stress
  • Restores stim-depleted neurotransmitters for healthy recovery from caffeine-driven exercise

Add Stim to SPORT Stack™ and get ultramodern caffeine in precise 50 mg increments – for clean, energized and intensified exercise performance, with stimulation as strong or as subtle as you desire.


Clean, premium and feature-rich, SPORTMixer is the perfect companion for Performance Lab® SPORT formulas.

Use it as a convenient carry-along solution for staying hydrated while you train and mixing SPORT Protein and SPORT Carb with ease.

NutriGenesis® Multi

NutriGenesis® Multi builds a strong nutritional foundation for overall health, which is a crucial first step for athletic development and performance enhancement.

In addition, some NutriGenesis® Multi essentials supply more targeted support for athletes, such as Vitamin A for protein synthesis; Vitamin C for collagen synthesis; Zinc for hormone-driven muscle growth; B-vitamins for cell energy and more.

Add NutriGenesis® Multi to SPORT Stack™ for fundamental muscle nutrition you need to succeed, plus clean vitamin and mineral essentials for overall health. All customized for men’s and women’s distinct nutritional requirements.


Sleep amplifies SPORT Stack™ rest day gains by extending your deepest, most regenerative sleep phases.

Together, SPORT Stack™ + Sleep maximize the profound athletic benefits of rest, helping you to return to action stronger, healthier and energized to perform.

Sleep also supplies magnesium bound with glycine. Glycine is a building block for natural creatine synthesis that augments Creapure® pH10 creatine in SPORT Stack™ Pre, Post and Maintain.

(Note: As a sports nutrition copywriter. I see the connection to sleep — and opportunity to cross-sell a sleep supplement — as a juicy opportunity. Robot and noob writers do not make these connections.)


After exertion, SPORT Stack™ supplies anabolic factors that nourish recovery and antioxidants that reduce soreness so you can get back to the gym sooner.

Flex supplies similar benefits to joints, ligaments and tendons – helping to soothe post-workout aches and stiffness while nourishing connective tissues for optimal repair, comfort and function.


SPORT T+ testosterone (T) support includes KSM-66® Ashwagandha. KSM-66® has research-backed benefits for T, athletic performance and muscle development that combine effectively with SPORT Stack™.

Add SPORT T+ to SPORT Stack™ to add a powerful extra layer of hormonal support for muscle strength, muscle growth and masculine performance.

Note: SPORT T+ should not be taken by women.


SPORT Burn augments SPORT Stack™ fitness support with a powerful stim-free formula for weight management. SPORT Burn is designed to help you burn more fat than with exercise alone, especially in the context of fasted training.

Add SPORT Burn to SPORT Stack™ if you are seeking extra support for maintaining muscle as part of an overall fat loss or body composition program.


Performance Lab® MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) supplies C8/C10 MCTs from 100% organic, non-GMO Coconuts.

Because they are rapidly metabolized and not stored as fat, MCTs are an ideal superfuel for athletic performance, especially in the context of fasted training.

MCTs also have a thermogenic effect in the body, which encourages fat burning and optimizes body composition.

Add MCT to SPORT Stack™ as fast, clean fuel to power-up your athletic performance.


Who should take Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™?

SPORT Stack™ may be taken by everyone from beginners to professional athletes.

How do I take Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™?

SPORT Protein: Mix 2 scoops (30 g) with 8-12 oz. (237-473 ml.) of water. Take 2-3 hours prior to or immediately after training or competition.

SPORT Carb: Mix 2 scoops (50 g) with12-16 oz. (360-473 ml.) of water.

SPORT BCAA: Take 3 capsules 30 minutes prior to training or competition and 3 capsules immediately afterwards.

SPORT Pre: Take 6 capsules 30 minutes prior to training or competition on an empty stomach with 16 oz. (480 ml.) of water. For best results take consistently.

SPORT Post: Take 6 capsules immediately following training or competition along with 16 oz. (480 ml.) of water. For best results use consistently.

SPORT Maintain: On rest days, take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the afternoon on an empty stomach. For best results take consistently.

(Note: It is rare to see a sports nutrition copywriter tend to the little details as I have done with these “how to take” points!)

What do you mean by “synthetic load” in the context of sport nutrition stacking?

Stacking involves combining multiple supplements to unlock greater activity and more beneficial bio activities.

Here’s the problem: with every supplement you add to the stack, you increase intake of the bad things that you don’t want. For example, if you take 5 sport nutrition supplements from inferior “dirty label” brands, you will likely be consuming 5X artificial additives, preservatives, colors and fillers. In this scenario, the bigger your sport nutrition stack, the greater your synthetic load will be.

Performance Lab® SPORT Stack™ solves this challenge. Performance Lab® supplements are the World’s Cleanest Formulas, containing NO soy, egg, fish, shellfish, dairy, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, or other allergens. They are also non-GMO and non-irradiated; and are free of gluten, caffeine (except for optional add-on, Stim), synthetic additives, artificial colors, preservatives and banned substances.

In sport nutrition supplements, all these additives are particularly pervasive. For example, BCAA and Pre-Workout supplements are often presented as powders that are loaded with artificial colors and flavors in order to mask their bad taste – often resulting in a different (but still bad) taste and a much greater synthetic load.

Look under “Other Ingredients” on Performance Lab® formulas’ supplement facts, and you will see that for most of our products, the only “Other Ingredient” is the capsule or softgel itself. Or, in the case of SPORT Carb and Protein, the only other ingredients are natural flavors.

This is just another reason why SPORT Stack™ is the greatest sport nutrition program ever developed. Whether you take a lot of SPORT Stack™ or a little, your synthetic load remains zero – so you can enhance your athletic performance and muscle development without worry.

I am your sports nutrition copywriter, and I am ready to assist you!

Would you like this caliber of content for YOUR sports nutrition supplements? Contact me today and let’s work together. I am ready to rock!

(Note: I am a research-based sports nutrition copywriter. The research section that follows is WAY edited down… there were 75+ references for this piece, but it is just too bloated for this page, so I am only including a few for illustrative purposes only.)


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