Supercharge or Sabotage?

Nutritional supplement marketing is a moving target. On one side, the ever-shifting language regulations of the FTC and FDA. On the other, the critical need to educate consumers with engaging, accurate content. It’s a treacherous tightrope walk.

Maybe that’s why so many fall.

This blog follows marketing failures of hapless grammar, eyebrow-raising claims, and flabbergasting direction. Our industry is nothing if not positive, however, so equal attention will be paid to those nutrition writers who have found the balance that works.

Along the way, learn the success secrets of one of the natural product industry’s most accomplished writers. That’s me, the Natural Health Writer.

Why would I share? Because god dammit, I love this industry and all that it stands for. In the nutritional supplement industry, fortunes are waiting to be made — but more importantly, wellness is waiting to be won. Communication is the catalyst that either realizes these missions or dooms them to failure. Let’s do it right.

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