Model Supplement Claims… Use ‘Em!

Have you noticed the increasing attention given to what you can and cannot claim about your products? It’s a jungle out there… something is going on, and damned if the Natural Health Writer knows what it is!

Remaining compliant with your nutritional supplement copywriting is more than difficult — it is, in fact, the ultimate moving target. This supplement copywriter can get you close; only an FDA-fluent lawyer can hit the target.

However, there remains a bulletproof option for making science-backed statements about your supplement: Claims that have already received the “thumbs-up” from the FDA.

Click here to learn how to make supplement claims that are a-OK with the FDA.

Remember: You must use these claims verbatim, a.k.a. word-for-word, and your products must fit their definition.

Of course, these claims are not exactly Sexy Nutrition

But something about the FDA-styled wording conveys such gravitas that it makes a potent supplement marketing message.

Want to learn more? Check out this page on the difference between Authorized Health Claims and Qualified Health Claims.