VOX Mag: Style Had A Voice

VOX was a luxury magazine distributed in the Hamptons in Long Island, New York.

Anti-Aging content is one of the Natural Health Writer's favorite specialties.

As VOX‘s Well-Being Columnist, the Natural Health Writer had to convey complex nutritional concepts in a way that was creative, clear and entertaining. At right is one VOX column I did about antioxidants and the Free Radical Theory of Aging. What the PDF doesn’t show is VOX ‘s sheer beauty — it was a high-end, large-format publication with really superb paper quality. All funded by advertisers selling multi-million dollar real estate and diamond-studded timepieces! Sure, VOX went the way of the Dodo, but I am still proud of my articles for the mag.

The Lesson: Strong writing transforms boring scientific copy into dazzling, easy-to-understand content that consumers want to read. When consumers understand why nutrients might work, they are compelled to buy nutritional supplements.

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