A Portrait of Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour was a great celebrity “get” for me as Editor of Energy Times.

Jane Seymour was nice. She will forever be my favorite Bond girl.

She’s always been a natural health icon. A longtime homeopathy advocate, Seymour has also addressed Congress on complementary medicine and health freedom. On top of that she has an organic garden, is involved in art therapy and women’s heart health charities… too much to list! Read the article to learn more.

Nature’s Plus, which distributes Energy Times, was releasing a colorful whole-food supplement line when this article came out. Jane Seymour enthusiastically endorsed the virtues of colorful fruits and vegetables in the interview. Damn, I’m good.

The Lesson: Look for this type of media success where celebrity, publicity, charity and natural health intersect.

The Power of Celebrity

Celebrity covers compel people to pick up magazines.

Jane Seymour was nice. She also knew her Natural Health and is an amazing painter. Jane will forever be my favorite Bond girl.

Ergo, as publisher of Rx Complement, Executive Editor of Energy Times, and Editor-in-Chief of HealthSmart Today, I’ve chased celebs, securing interviews with the following:

Ah, so many stories. Like when Alec Baldwin got angry at me in the middle of our interview. Or when Mariel Hemingway pantomimed negative thoughts attacking her in the Mandarin New York’s tea room. And the hilarious reason why Susan Lucci backed out of our interview at the last minute. (contact me for these stories)

I avoid that scene now. But I enjoyed every celebrity interview I ever did. I will be adding these interview articles to this site gradually. The articles did an amazing job of advancing the natural products industry through the power of celebrity.