HealthSmart Today

The fastest magazine issue ever produced, thanks to the Natural Health Writer’s lightning-quick editorial acumen. 750,000 circulation, ho-hum, no pressure…

Dayna Devon was a great interview; enthusiastic about nutrition and supplements.

HealthSmart Today makes my Top Six because it represents what the Natural Health Writer can achieve under extreme time pressure. Here’s the scenario: HST was a 750,000 circulation custom magazine distributed by Puritan’s Pride. One month prior to their Winter Issue deadline, the entire editorial staff unexpectedly jumped ship. I was called in as the editorial pinch hitter.

In less than a month, I secured a celebrity cover: Dayna Devon, host of television’s Extra program. I also got an interview with Grand Champion Boxer Roy Jones Jr. I wrote  five articles, outsourced the remainder to quality writers and edited everything else. Even I was surprised at the speed with which everything came together. When the dust settled, what we beheld was no makeshift patchwork. In the blink of an eye, we had created a magazine that surpassed what it had been.

The Lesson: The Natural Health Writer is a Playmaker. I can write quickly and coordinate complex editorial projects under pressure — all while maintaining superior quality (not to mention my composure).