Healthy Sales

The ultimate training tool for Vitamin World Associates. Healthy Sales provided selling tips, industry insight, motivation and more.

If I were a Vitamin World Associate, I would enjoy reading this on my breaks.

Healthy Sales may be the coolest project I ever worked on, with the greatest potential to supercharge supplement sales.

With Healthy Sales I coordinated with an NBTY Vice President (and bona-fide marketing guru) to create the ultimate training tool for Vitamin World Associates. The concept: Associates would read the Healthy Sales newsletter to learn sales techniques, conversation starters, industry insight, and more. It was a motivational tool, as Associates’ commission earnings would rise as they learned. Since Healthy Sales was entertaining and eye-catching, it made education fun.

During a leadership change, the axe fell on Healthy Sales. It’s a damn shame, and it fills me with regret. I don’t think Management gave enough credit to their Associates’ intelligence, ambition and eagerness to learn from Healthy Sales. And by the way, one advertisement per issue paid for the whole shebang, making Healthy Sales a free program.

The Lesson: Need to train your sales force on how to maximize supplement sales?  Consider commissioning me to create a dynamic, vibrant magazine-style publication like Healthy Sales.  The concept was golden, and it was ready to soar just when it was axed.

Ingredient Sales 2.0

Educational supplement materials that are delivered over the web are the next great marketing leap for our industry. I have started creating websites that educate consumers with nutrient research summaries, testimonials and history. At right is one such site, which is all about Pycnogenol Benefits. I am eager to launch more sites like this one. Outsourcing your web-based educational marketing to the Natural Health Writer is a smart strategy. Frequent reporting on nutritional ingredients can be time consuming, and using a third party enables greater flexibility.

The Lesson: Information drives supplement sales. We are in the Information Age. Strong writing is the spark that ignites these combustible elements into blazing-hot sales for your nutritional supplement.