Gonzo Anti-Aging Solutions

When I took over editorial direction of Energy Times magazine,
one of my first tasks was our annual Anti-Aging issue.
I assembled my own team of writers to inject new life into the mag. Unfortunately, one of my new writers, two weeks prior to deadline, completely bailed on her story. What a quandary!

But the Natural Health Writer is catlike — he always lands on his feet. At the zero hour, I coordinated a story that sent three writers to undergo three anti-aging procedures. These subjects and the practitioners gave first-person accounts of how the treatments worked. The article was great… It changed the magazine’s editorial direction with gonzo journalism and pictorial presentation. Plus, it integrated nutrition by promoting the anti-aging benefits of collagen, hyaluronic acid, green tea and other nutrients.

The Lesson: Hire the wrong writer, and you might be left high and dry. The Natural Health Writer will never, ever bail on you. Quite the contrary, I have a proven track record of executing zero-hour solutions that exceed the original plans that fell through.

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