SPIRU-TEIN Reigns Supreme

Imagine the indulgent, creamy sensation of old-fashioned ice cream parlor shakes...

SPIRU-TEIN is synonymous with “incredibly delicious.”

This I understood from day one as the Lead Copywriter of Nature’s Plus. Founder Gerald Kessler’s always positioned SPIRU-TEIN as an amazing taste sensation. And in truth, SPIRU-TEIN was the first great-tasting protein powder supplement. When I arrived at Nature’s Plus, I elevated Kessler’s taste-centric strategy to a whole new level. More than delicious, I made SPIRU-TEIN a rich, creamy, decadent sensory experience — and in doing so, contributed to one of the Industry’s most enduring and influential products. And here’s an industry insider scoop: SPIRU-TEIN is about to come out with a product that will change everything. Stay tuned.

The Lesson: Strong descriptive writing is a critical step in differentiating your product and claiming your place as King of the Mountain. But don’t B.S. your potential customers. The advertisements below only work ’cause SPIRU-TEIN truly is incredibly delicious.

Iron Chef-inspired SPIRU-TEIN Supreme ad copy
Sinfully delicious & oh-so naughty. That's Sexy Nutrition.
Even more delicious than Boo Berry frosted cereal.

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