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Are you seeking the world’s greatest natural health copywriter? You have arrived, because it is I, the Natural Health Writer.

Natural health blog posts, print ads, brochures, web pages, press releases, media kits, advertorials, sell sheets… when it comes to writing in the wellness sphere, I have probably covered it — whether it is a topic or a medium.

In this article, I am going to give more detail on my experience as a natural health copywriter. You can use this information to see if you want to hire me; if not, I still hope it helps you in some way! Let’s get to it.

What is a natural health copywriter?

To me, “natural health” encompasses a wide range of alternative modalities that help people to achieve wellness.

At its best, natural health integrates products, practices, foods…. pretty much everything that can raise your vibration, as long as it is not a pharmaceutical drug.

When it comes to copywriting, the natural health sphere can span a lot of different topics. I will now discuss some of these in the context of my own experience as a writer.

Natural Health Writer Dot Com

When I started The Natural Health Writer website over 20 years ago, I chose the domain name because it was catchy! At the time, I was writing for several magazines and websites about various holistic health modalities.

But when I got a job as a copywriter for a leading nutritional supplement company, dietary supplements became the main emphasis of my natural health copywriting practice.

I have done natural health copywriting for hundreds of different nutritional supplements across dozens of industry-leading brands.

I have covered it all! I am grateful for this, because ultimately nutrition is a key pillar of natural health.

Before I started writing about supplements I had covered nutrition in articles and copywriting about foods. But when I entered the world of nutritional supplement copywriting, I found my inspiration.

I was fascinated by the vast health impact of essential vitamins and minerals. I was captivated by the history and effectiveness of traditional herbal remedies, used in Ayurveda, traditional Asian practices, and other ancient modalities. I devoured information on sports nutrition, amino acids, energy supplements, everything I could get my hands on.

And I wrote about it all.

I built a thriving freelance copywriting business catering to nutritional supplements. I cover that experience extensively throughout this website. I am proud to feature dietary supplements and herbs as my #1 natural health copywriting service.

Holistic health copywriter concepts

I have done extensive writing about various holistic health modalities. I am especially grateful for my experience working with magazines in this regard. Here’s how it went down:

  1. I started as a freelance natural health article writer…
  2. Progressed to become Executive Editor of a leading natural health magazine…
  3. And culminated in publishing third-party magazines for several leading nutritional supplement brands.

Working in various capacities for all these different publications gave me unique insight into natural health copywriting. Here are a couple of reasons reasons why.

Magazines that I wrote for and/or published have been distributed in health food stores across the nation.

As I created editorial calendars, helped coordinate advertising, conceptualized product ads, wrote cover lines, articles, and other tasks, I did a remarkable deep dive on everything that would serve the health food stores and the health-conscious consumers who patronize them.

Jane Seymour was nice. She will forever be my favorite Bond girl.

As you can imagine, I have covered just about everything in this vast category. Beyond nutritional supplements, this included healthy foods, skincare products, fitness, organic products, teas, aromatherapy and essential oils, women’s and men’s health copywriting… you name it.

Along the way, I secured interviews with high profile figures on natural health topics. Alicia Silverstone on vegan diets, Jane Seymour on vision health, Alec Baldwin on breast cancer, Mike Huckabee on weight loss, and more. How does this relate to copywriting? Perhaps it doesn’t directly relate, but in all cases, securing these interviews men’s getting a lot more eyes on the content within the magazines. In each of these high profile figures was promoting their own products, charities, books, etc.

That’s a really cool thing about writing and publishing natural health magazines. It weaves a tapestry of everything related to natural health into one enjoyable format that educates, sells and compels.

I have written and published magazines that were distributed In doctors’ offices.

These offices included those of chiropractors, herbalists, eye doctors and pretty much any alternative health practitioner you can imagine.

Writing for various doctors’ and healers’ offices gave me deep insight and knowledge on a wide range of natural health modalities – how they are practiced, how they work, what the patients were looking for and more.

I am grateful for having written in the context of alternative health practitioners. I consider this an important part of the overall natural health landscape.

Along the way, I interviewed holistic health practitioners about their practices and wrote various forms of copywriting, including full-page ads, press releases, media kits, and more. All this in addition to writing content for the patients themselves.

Alicia Silverstone made an especially fetching RX Complement cover.

My magazine work was full-spectrum natural health copywriting — writing for customer and product; patient and practitioner.

Holistic health copywriting

While nutritional supplements have been the focus of my writing career, I have also done extensive copywriting for various holistic modalities.

Early in my career, I obsessed over gonzo journalism. I didn’t want to merely write about the modalities, I wanted to experience them from a first-hand perspective, so I could best communicate about them to the reader.

This of course led me to many cool experiences in the alternative health world, that were highly educational and taught me a lot about approaching holistic treatments from an analytical perspective and explaining them in ways that pretty much anybody could understand.

It may have not been copywriting him from the purest perspective, but the experience that it gave me was tremendous. And, in each case there was a certain level of promotion involved, casting each modality in a positive light intended to educate and encourage the reader. Some highlights include:

  • Isolation tank, sensory deprivation chamber: this was one of the first gonzo pieces I did for a magazine. It was exciting to me, as I had previously read the works of John Lily, inventor of the isolation tank. I had a profound experience that day, wrote an immersive article on it, and continue to occasionally float to this day. It feels great to have been involved because floating is the antidote for today’s overstimulated state.

Transformational breathing: I will admit it. I cried. This is another profoundly moving experience in the holistic health world. My gonzo experience felt especially great, because after completing the session I was eager to share what I had experienced with as many people as possible. This felt like a truly transformative practice that could help a lot, but it required clear communication for readers to grasp its power.

Biodynamic farming: Another classic for me, where I visited a biodynamic farm, toured it with the farmer who operated the whole thing. I learned about microbial life in soil, ancient practices of sowing and harvesting based upon lunar cycles, the higher nutritional content of organic and biodynamic foods. I also got to experience them from a gonzo perspective by eating pickled Brussels sprouts that were absolutely delicious.

gonzo copywriting gave me hands-on knowledge of many holistic health practices.

The experience enabled me to communicate holistic health benefits more effectively to a wide readership. Was there copywriting involved? Kinda – again, there was a lot of educational content involved, combined with subtle promotion. Since I believed in each of these modalities, I had done my research, and I wanted more people to benefit from their health boosting potential.

biotechnology copywriting

Okay, you might want to stop me right here and say “Hey, that’s not natural health copywriting. The word technology is right there in the title!”

I can’t really argue about the word, but I would say it depends on the nature of the biotechnology whether or not it is natural. In any case I have dabbled in this kind of copywriting in ways that I consider to be natural and harmonious.

For example, brain training. I have done natural health copywriting about a brain training device that works via visualization of brain waves, combined with sounds, forming a type of biofeedback/neural feedback.

While we couldn’t directly talk about in the copy, this type of biotechnology has proven effective for a range of mental health concerns, most notably attention deficit tort disorder, anxiety, and depression.

In other words, it presented an alternative modality for helping with problems that are overwhelmingly treated with pharmaceutical drugs – but in a safe, non-invasive, drug free way. That is natural health enough for me.

Best natural health copywriting practices

What I’ve discussed above is really just a small sampling of my experience with natural health copywriting. Across all of these varied categories, there are commonalities that lead to success.

Whether it’s nutritional supplements, alternative health practices, biotechnology or other natural health modalities. Next supplement to talk about what some of those principles are, so you can incorporate them into your own work.


When it comes to natural health, there is a lot of explaining to do. The reader must be persuaded. This takes greater skill when it comes to the most precious thing we own: our health. At the heart of this persuasion is clear communication. For me, this has always meant taking complex and sensitive topics and distilling them into clear, concise and easy-to-understand copy. When the reader has an understanding of the supplements, modality, or practice, apprehension and fear dissolve and are replaced with an eagerness to give it a try.


This is a great follow-up to education because credibility is crucial. Every single piece that I have written has started with abundant in-depth research. And I don’t mean WebMD. I mean going to the source material – reading the clinical research, meta-analyses and reviews to get the real information, straight from the scientists who are doing the hard work. Why is this so important?

For me it is a matter of responsibility.

When it comes to my natural health copywriting, substantiation is a top priority.

I want the reader to understand what type of research has been done on the supplements and modalities and what kind of results were achieved. I need to know that I am steering the reader in the right direction. This approach is also helpful for my clients because it helps them build a library of resources backing their own products and practices.


The natural health world is a rich source of compelling storytelling. I see so many brands selling themselves short in this aspect of marketing and copywriting.

So many holistic practices and supplements have a fascinating history, sometimes dating back thousands of years. There are also testimonial stories of real people that, when managed correctly, can encourage others to try products and services to achieve the same health benefits.

Regulatory & Compliance

Depending on what aspect of the natural health you need copywriting for, there may be some regulatory hurdles to overcome in terms of the language you use to communicate about your product or service.

I have built a career on helping nutritional supplement companies to navigate the winding path to compliance with the FDA and FTC. I have done the same for Health Canada in the context of medical and consumer health devices.

Compliance is one of the trickiest elements of the natural health copywriting.

It takes a deft hand, but it is crucial. It keeps you out of hot water with governing bodies. It is good for the consumers, so they are not misled about the potential benefits of various modalities. It is good for the natural health movement overall. Making outlandish claims and using red flag language really holds the entire natural health movement back, and none of us want that.

Conclusion: the best natural health copywriter

If you are looking for the best natural health copywriter in the world, know that it is I, the Natural Health Writer. If you’ve made it to the end of this article, well, high-five! You are serious about this topic, and perhaps you are interested in working with the best .

No one else has the practical depth of experience that I possess. I have really done it all when it comes to the world of natural health, and yet, my passion for this is as strong today as it was on day one.

If you are seeking talent to write about your natural health business, you are welcome to contact me, even if just to chat! I look forward to speaking with you.

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