World’s Best Nootropics Copywriter

Nootropic sales are projected to hit 6.3 billion dollars by 2028.

This post is a long time coming. I must now claim what is mine. The title of The World’s Greatest Nootropics Copywriter. Yes, this also includes supplement copywriting. But as you will see, that represents just one aspect of what I have achieved in this booming nutritional supplements category.

If you’re here, it is likely that your searching for a nootropics copywriter to help launch, supercharge or otherwise boost your brain supplement brand. I already like your strategy. After all, you’ve found me!

I recently did a business-to-business blog article about nootropic supplements for a leading contract manufacturer’s blog. Up until this point I had written more than any other writer on the topic of nootropics and brain supplements. I have watched these categories grow, diversify and thrive over my past 18 years in the nutritional supplement industry. So seeing the projections did not surprise me.

Verified™ Market Research reports the nootropic segment may reach $6.2 Billion by 2028.

Nootropic sales are projected to hit 6.3 billion dollars by 2028.
Verified Market Research projects continued robust growth for nootropic supplements.

This is why, dear reader, I already like you. You’re going after a great segment. And the mere act of performing the search that led you to The Natural Health Writer tells me that you are employing smart strategy – which is absolutely required to succeed in this ever-booming, increasingly competitive niche.

In this blog post, I am going to tell you about my experience writing for various brain supplements and nootropic formulas.

I’m going to share some examples of my work in this space. I’ll also reveal some strategies that will help you as you create your copy. Or if you’re looking to hire me, you’ll see in this article why it’s the best possible strategy you can take to absolutely dominate the market.

Now, I am pushing 20 years in the industry, and sharing everything would be a very long article. So instead, I’ll be sharing some greatest hits. And some really good tips and strategies to help you succeed. For the very best, contact me about starting a project. Let’s begin.

When I began my nutritional supplements copywriting career 18 years ago with Natural Organics, Inc. (NaturesPlus) I got an awesome crash course in writing about supplements across every category imaginable. Including brain health.

A picture of the Nature's Plus supplement label for Cal/Mag Citrate
Look for the gold and green, ‘nah mean, BRUH?

When I began in the nutritional supplements industry, “Nootropics” did not yet exist.

(Oh jeah. I’m so old I took my road test on a horse and buggy.)

My Early Days: Brain Supplements Copywriting

Before the time of nootropics, the cognitive supplement landscape was primarily composed of “brain health” supplements. These typically targeted senior demographics, while focusing on benefits for age-related memory concerns.

As I am writing this, it is occurring to me that the brain supplement category is actually what enabled me to vault out of the corporate world and enter self-employment as The Natural Health Writer in 2007.

At that time, I did a third-party publishing project on a brain health nutrient called phosphatidylserine, or PS. This booklet was part of the People’s Health Series, conceived by marketing genius Gerard McIntee. These educational booklets combined science with consumer testimonials. They were remarkably effective in educating consumers, which is key to driving supplement sales, especially when it comes to higher end products.

This image shows the People's Health Series Complete book, a compilation of six supplement booklets, including on the brain supplement PS.
I wrote six of these supplement booklets; the PS one is in the top-right of this image.

For me, researching and writing about PS opened a door in my mind that I could never close again. The deeper I dug into this nutrient’s research, the more compelling evidence I found. To this day I am a staunch advocate for PS, especially for those with any type of age-related cognitive decline or other degenerative brain concerns.

But one of the really cool things about phosphatidylserine is that it also represents a missing link supplement between brain health supplements and nootropic formulas. Since my booklet, PS science has advanced to position the nutrient more for performance-driven cognition, including for sports performance. That’s right. PS might help you improve your golf game. Nothing can improve MY golf game, but PS might just help yours.

But I digress.

My phosphatidylserine booklet was reprinted multiple times, ultimately reaching over 10 million copies in circulation. It made a significant impact on PS brain supplement sales in every channel through which it was distributed.

I am highlighting the PS book for a few reasons. It is sentimental to me. I really enjoyed it. It is also one of my greatest hits. I’ve done many brain supplements previously, and the heckuva lot of nootropics afterwards, but this particular nutrient – and the projects I associate with it – will always be a favorite.

This image shows a snipped of the PS nootropic book, with some claims and a chart.
Here is a snip of the PS booklet. As a third-party publication, it had a little more leeway.

Did you know? Once upon a time, Phosphatidylserine was one of the few nutrients to receive an FDA-qualified health claim. It went a little something like this:

“Very limited and preliminary scientific research suggests that phosphatidylserine may reduce the risk of dementia and cognitive dysfunction in the elderly. FDA concludes that there is little scientific evidence supporting this claim.”

Yes, a begrudging claim at best, but still, even the FDA’s most reluctant acknowledgement of potential remains a big deal.

Copywriting for Nootropic Supplements

Now, let us move into the world of nootropic supplements marketing content. This trend began perhaps seven or eight years after the last phosphatidylserine book that I printed. The world changed. Print died out. Content moved in a digital direction with gusto. So it was very intriguing to me how my next nootropic blockbuster manifested.

Enter Mind Lab Pro®. A nootropic supplement with 11 ingredients. The client had previously hired one of the most widely known copywriters in the world to launch this new nootropic brand. And then came to me to make it better. Which I did.

The content for this supplement was old-fashioned. Direct mail style. It didn’t really explain how the formula worked or why it worked. It didn’t talk about the reasoning behind the choices of its brain-boosting ingredients; nor did address how its 11 nootropics worked in harmony. And perhaps most concerning, the copy lacked awareness of FDA compliance. There were many risks, and few rewards.

For what it was, the copy would have been OK on a standard product. But when we’re talking about nootropics — the BRAIN — things get quite complex.

To unleash this nootropic’s full potential, I had to reposition, rebrand, overhaul copy, and more.

Creative genius alert: My deep dive produced a couple of truly awesome taglines, especially in the nootropic supplement context:

  • 100% Brainpower™: A clever wordplay, if I do say so myself. The idea is that the nootropic supplement itself can optimize the whole brain, thereby unleashing its full potential. The secondary meaning is that the capsule has no additives or pointless fillers, so the supplement is literally 100% brainpower, delivering brain-boosting ingredients ONLY.
  • Universal Nootropic™: Also damn clever! Here, I express that the supplement can help ALL aspects of brain function, and therefore is ONE nootropic that can help EVERYONE to perform better. (sorry for the yelling).

These two tags are poetry in motion: With 4 words, I had woven a compelling story that explains the nature of this nootropic.

For your reference, check this out: A clip of the PS page for Mind Lab Pro. Yes, I wrote individual pages for each of the 11 ingredients. Here, you will see more conservative claims; along with a clever “brain health + nootropic performance” angle in describing its use in this formula.

My initial Mind Lab Pro copy renovation paid immediate dividends, with testing showing that my copy outperformed the previous by a significant margin. But that was just beginning.

What followed was one of the most exciting projects I’ve directed. It was an all out nootropic supplement blogging blitz. Over 100 authoritative, high-quality, thought-leadership caliber blog articles.

I personally did all of the keyword research, identifying the most desirable search terms for which we wanted to rank. I created a format and template to follow, as well as a brand voice and overall style.

I personally wrote about one third of these articles, all of the most important “big money” keyword topics. To see some of the articles that I wrote, Google these keywords and look for Mind Lab Pro in the results. Overall the rankings have held up remarkably well.

  • List of Nootropics
  • Nootropics FAQ
  • Benefits of Nootropics
  • Nootropics for Poker
  • Nootropics for Beginners

Due to the aggressive schedule, I  brought on a researcher and writers for the remaining pieces. They had a template and style to follow, along with my own feedbacks and edits to make their pieces superb. I believe it was about three or four months, and all of these articles had been published.

Within a couple of months after that, 99% of those articles were ranked on the first page of Google, with approximately 90% of those ranking #1 for the desired keyword.

It was complete supplement segment domination, all as the Nootropic supplement frenzy was hitting its peak. Good times.

With over one million bottles sold, Mind Lab Pro is now arguably the biggest Nootropic supplement in the world.

My strategy, talent and execution played a large role in vaulting this nootropic supplement to number one. Since my role in that project has concluded, many of the articles have slipped in ranking. Regardless, what I sparked in that brand continues to drive its growth and success to this day.

There are so many other aspects to the story, but one of which I am particularly proud: About midway through our project, the FDA started cracking down on risky, unsubstantiated, and downright offensive Nootropic supplement claims. This is how things work. When something is  that popular the FDA must pay attention. They have to do is sweep and make an example of some of the primary offenders. You can track this by just following the FDA warning letters that were sent to Nootropic supplements at that time. It was clearly a coordinated initiative to set an example.

Dear reader, I know in my very soul that the FDA took a good hard look at Mind Lab Pro. After all, we were the most prominent nootropic supplement at the time the entire nootropic category was scrutinized. If there were an example to be made, the FDA would make it out of the leading nootropic supplement in the world.

But they didn’t.

All of that Mind Lab Pro content. Hundreds of pages of copy on Nootropic ingredients, Nootropic supplements, Nootropic benefits. And the FDA didn’t flag a single word… Because

  1. I had personally written FDA-friendly copy for the most prominent pages;
  2. I had personally vetted all the copy provided by my writers

Was it 100% perfect? No. We pushed boundaries here and there. But overall, the copy for this brand was overwhelmingly respectful to FDA guidelines.

I had created clean, credible, FDA-friendly nootropic supplement copy that converted fantastically well.

When it comes to supplement copywriting, nootropics are a different beast.

They are brainy supplements. People who want to take them want to boost their brainpower, sharpen their cognition, perform better every day. As a result, they are hungry to learn about the brain supplements that will be taking. These personality types will do the research to find the formula that will work best for them. They will look for studies, investigate claims independently. Education is the key to selling these types of consumers. Consumer education in the brain supplement to Nootropic spaces is a slamdunk for sales.

Did you know? Phosphatidylserine that launched my career as the world’s greatest Nootropic supplement copywriter also turned out to be a key ingredient in the mind lab Pro formulation that I later vaulted to complete market domination. Go figure!

A Prolific Nootropics Reviewer

Around the time that I was working on Mind Lab Pro, I also began writing about brain supplements and nootropic formulas through a different lens – that of the product review. I helped launch one of the most prominent Nootropic review sites.

In these nootropic reviews I shared true authoritative expert insight from an industry insider.

I would delve into each of the ingredients, detailing what each one brought to the table. Evaluating the form, the dosage, the potential synergies with other ingredients in the formula and more.

This deep analysis empowered me with even more nootropic knowledge and strategy along the way. For example, being able to take a supplement facts label only, deconstruct it, and from it build an entire brand with a clearly defined position, strategy and storytelling.

Clients often issue this challenge: They have a list of ingredients but they don’t really know how the ingredients work together. They are often failing to tap the full marketing potential of their formulas.

I can figure out what each ingredient does, how these nootropics complement each other, and the benefits that we might reasonably talk about in the copy as a result.

Writing reviews of Nootropics taught me so much about brain supplement formulation. It also taught me about quality, safety, price and more. As I am writing this, I am really appreciating how important it was for me to write all of these brain supplement reviews. I think this is what really elevated me to the next level, because it enables me to see what no one else can see – the totality of the nootropic supplement from all angles: Ingredients, formulation, combinations, quality, branded ingredients and standardized forms, history, research, substantiation, you name it.

Because of this broad-reaching expertise, I am uniquely qualified to create the greatest Nootropic supplement content, copywriting, branding, positioning and substantiation. In the ultimate resource in the world if you want these components of your brain health supplement to really sparkle and shine.

Nootropic Supplement Content I have Created

The Natural Health Writer is the best supplement copywriter, including Numero Uno in nootropics, for many reasons.

I have created content for no less than 30 industry-leading nootropic supplements.

Are you getting ready to launch a Nootropic supplement? Or maybe you’re just in the conceptual phase, thinking about how you might accomplish you greatest brain supplement dreams. Here are some suggestions on different ways in which I can help you.

Nootropics blogger

Blogging: I deliver a continuum of great content to support your nootropic supplement brand! If you’re happy with your brand overall but lacking in blogging, I am here to help. I write long-form, thought-leadership blog articles on Nootropics and brain supplements. While I am not a lawyer, I know how to keep my copy close to target when it comes to compliance, and always FDA-friendly. In conjunction with your existing SEO mojo, my blog articles are written to draw significant organic traffic that converts.

Amazon product listings for supplements

Are you among the supplement manufacturers who has been confounded by Amazon’s new dietary supplement selling guidelines? I stand ready to assist you. With my deft copywriting skill, I can create Nootropic and brain supplement Amazon listings that strike the perfect balance between compliance and marketing sizzle.

Nootropic supplement content cornucopia

in this scenario, I start from scratch. You provide the supplement facts of your Nootropic or brain health formula. That’s it. From that one piece of information, I will reverse engineer everything that you need. Positioning, branding, explaining how the supplement works, writing detailed ingredient pages, quality content, and more. Basically, everything you need to launch your Nootropic formula.

Nootropic supplement sell sheet: All-in-One Starter Document

This is a great entry-level piece to have. When I write a sell sheet, it is front and back of a single 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. It will contain taglines, bullet points, ingredient blurbs, and other key points. The cell she can serve as a standalone document to support your supplement, but it can also that can be broken up like a Kit Kat bar and distributed through many different channels. You will have a single source from which you can draw all of your claims and simple statements about your product, enabling you to stay consistent with what you say, regardless of where you are expressing it.

any other piece of nootropic content you can imagine!

I have really done it all! In addition to the above:

  • Nootropic supplement video scripts
  • Research & Development, including nootropic claims
  • Nootropic & brain supplement infographics & charts
  • Press releases for new nootropic supplements
  • How-To guides on nootropics and brain-healthy lifestyles
  • “Best nootropics for…” articles & guides for myriad topics
  • Quality content on nootropics and brain supplements
  • Third party publications on nootropic brain-boosters
  • Nootropic website copy: Home, How It Works, Ingredients, etc.
  • Ingredient pages for nootropics, including claims & research
  • So much more, bruhs and ladies. SO much more.

The Nootropic segment shall continue to thrive.

The brain is so complex. It is the key to unlocking peak quality of life. As a demographic, Nootropic buyers are more than happy to spend extra for a clean, product that works. But in order to convey that you really have to educate the consumer and talk a lot about why your product works and why it’s great. You need to weave that compelling, science driven story in the brain health category more so than in other categories. It is the smartest strategy to succeed.

With the market projected to continue its robust growth, you can expect a lot of competition for your Nootropic supplement. That’s why it’s important for you to hire the best Nootropic copywriter in the world. That’s me! The Natural Health Writer.

Contact me anytime to discuss how I can help your Nootropic supplement.

Or any other natural health products for that matter! I stand ready to partner with you, assisting you as we together create the strongest- selling Nootropic supplement content the universe is ever seen.

Write me at

I will reply within 24 hours.

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