Olive Supplement Copywriting – 2 Marketing Examples

Olive supplement copywriting - a photo of fresh olives next to a bottle of olive extract

Interested in upping your marketing on olive supplements? I, the Natural Health Writer, am here to help with this article on olive supplement copywriting. Read on for tips and examples on how to market your olive-based dietary supplements.

In my career I have written about a few different olive-based dietary supplements. Today, I will be sharing a couple of my samples as an olive supplement copywriter.

The first I am sharing is for ProHealth: A content marketing blog article focusing on a product featuring the branded ingredient Olea25™. (You can read more about my dietary supplement blog writing services right here.)

The second example is a more direct olive supplement copywriting piece done for the Asian natural health company Cosway, for a branded ingredient (Hidrox).

As I read these samples, I see nutritional supplement storytelling at its finest. I explain mechanisms of action and benefits in easy-to-understand terms.

I also introduce a concept many olive marketers are missing: That olive supplements are, in fact, quite eco-friendly. Some turn olive industry waste products into highly powerful antioxidant supplements.

Ready for the samples? Let’s get to it!

Olive supplement copywriting - a photo of fresh olives next to a bottle of olive extract

Olive Supplement Copywriting Example 1: Content Marketing Blog Article

Olea25™ Olive Hydroxytyrosol Hits Astonishing 68,000+ ORAC Antioxidant Value

The Mediterranean Diet is associated with heart health, beautiful skin, flexibility, youthfulness and longevity. In fact, Mediterranean populations—Greeks and Italians in particular—may have among the highest life expectancies and the lowest incidence rates of all-cause mortality in the world.1 Olives and olive oil, which are widely consumed among these populations, supply potent nutritional compounds that may help contribute to the remarkable health of Mediterranean citizens.

Traditionally, olives’ health-supportive activities were attributed to their content of oleic acid, also known as an Omega-9 fatty acid.2 However, some researches now suggest that olives’ health-promoting biological activities may be more attributed to polyphenols: Powerful inflammation-soothing antioxidant compounds that appear to promote health across many body systems:3

Polyphenols seem to hold great promise for wellness. And now, research is zeroing in one olive-sourced polyhenol in particular—hydroxytyrosol—because it seems to supply even greater nutritional support for both daily and long-term vitality. Olea25™ is a patented form of hydroxytyrosol that is designed to concentrate the polyphenol’s activity, potentially enhancing its nutritional support even further.

Hydroxytyrosol: The Most Important Phenol Ever Discovered?
Polyphenols are present in many fruits and vegetables. Hydroxytyrosol, however, is exclusively found in olives.4 In fact, hyroxytyrosol comprises 50% of the total phenolic content found in olives. It has the highest antioxidant activity of all the phenols found in olives, and appears to be well-absorbed in humans.5 Among hundreds of polyphenols in nature, hydroxytyrosol has emerged as one of the most promising for human health applications for its distinct biological properties:

  • Hydroxytyrosol is considered to be one of the most powerful plant antioxidants ever discovered, with a staggering 68,000 ORAC value: 15X more powerful than green tea and 3X more powerful than CoQ10.6
  • Hydroxytyrosol, a tiny molecule that is fat- and water-soluble, appears to be rapidly absorbed, distributed and metabolized in animal tissues– so its antioxidant and inflammation-modulating biological activities can reach and support many different body systems.7
  • Due to its small molecular size, Hydroxytyrosol is also one of the few antioxidants that can cross the blood-brain barrier; its beneficial activities appear to extend to brain health.7

Here’s the challenge: Olives and olive oil are a source of hydroxytyrosol, but let’s face it, they are heavy, dense foods. In fact, just one ounce of olive oil contains 250 calories and over 28 grams of fat!8 Plus, one ounce wouldn’t be nearly enough to provide beneficial levels of hydroxytyrosol.

“Olive” the benefits without “Olive” the fat and calories
In a significant nutritional advancement, some supplement manufacturers are now isolating hydroxytyrosol from olives and presenting it as a standalone compound—enabling them to supply an intensive dosage without the calories and fat of dietary olives and olive oil. By dramatically raising intake of olives’ “active ingredient” in this way, manufacturers may realize hydroxytyrosol’s full potential benefits. Let’s take a look into what those benefits might be.

Cardiovascular Health
Research has shown that those who followed a Mediterranean-style diet, including intake of olives and olive oil, appeared to have a 50% to 70% lower risk of recurrent heart concerns when compared with those who followed a diet that closely matched the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Step–I diet.9

Hydroxytyrosol may contribute to this heart-healthy diet through a few mechanisms:

  • Hydroxytyrosol has been shown to strongly inhibit the oxidation of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Oxidized LDL is believed to raise risk for cardiovascular health concerns.10
  • Animal studies suggest hydroxytyrosol may help to maintain blood triglycerides and cholesterol levels already within normal range, while also promoting HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels.11
  • Hydroxytyrosol may help inhibit blood “stickiness” while blocking inflammatory signals that irritate blood vessels. These activities may support flexible arteries and clear circulation.12,13

Brain Health
Not all antioxidants can cross the blood-brain barrier, but hydroxytyrosol is capable of entering the brain.14 This means hydroxytyrosol can leverage its potent antioxidant activity within our gray matter, working to protect brain cells against the free radical-induced damage that has been implicated in a range of neurodegenerative conditions.15 Hydroxytyrosol has also been suggested to be especially effective at neutralizing peroxynitrite, a type of free radical that is believed to directly influence the onset of age-related cognitive decline.16

Joint Health
One animal study found that olive oil that was enhanced with hydroxytyrosol appeared to promote joint flexibility and comfort. In particular, the study suggested hydroxytyrosol seemed to reduce bone breakdown and bone spurs while soothing connective tissue swelling—biological activities that seemed to combine to promote healthy joint function. Researchers concluded that hydroxytyrosol may help with the acute and ongoing inflammation associated with joint aches and stiffness.17

Skin Health
UVB rays from sunlight can unleash free radicals in skin that may cause photodamage: “accelerated aging” changes seen in the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and spotting. These skin changes may also be associated with other more serious skin health concerns.18 Hydroxytyrosol has been suggested in some research to reduce UVB ray-induced DNA damage to human skin cells, a result that led research to suggest it may have “significant protective ability” against photodamage to skin.19

Did you know? Hydroxytyrosol may be a “green” nutritional supplement ingredient.
For thousands of years, the olive oil production process would discard olive juice as a “waste.” As it turns out, olive juice is an incredibly rich source of hydroxytyrosol. Now, what was previously treated as a throwaway byproduct has become a valued source of potent antioxidant nutrition—making hydroxytyrosol a “sustainable” nutritional supplement that’s good for the planet, too.

How to get Hydroxytyrosol?
Consider ProHealth Hydroxytyrosol Extreme Featuring Olea25™
Olive oil supplements and olive leaf supplements supply hydroxytyrosol, but some of these products may have potency limitations. Olea25™, a hydroxytyrosol ingredient manufactured by Certified Nutraceuticals, Inc. using patent-pending production and purification processes, may offer advantages as presented in ProHealth Hydroxytyrosol Extreme:

  • Olea25™ is standardized to supply 25% hydroxytyrosol content, assuring a minimum of 25 mg of “active ingredient” is present in each vegetarian Hydroxytyrosol Extreme capsule
  • Regular olives supply a compound called oleuropein which must be converted in the body into hydroxytyrosol. Olea25™ is pre-converted so no Oleuropein is present, only hydroxytyrosol
  • Olea25™ is manufactured from a superior quality hydroxytyrosol source: Cultivated organic olive leaves
  • Olea25™ is potent: One 100 mg capsule supplies the equivalent hydroxytyrosol found in one liter of extra virgin olive oil—helping bring you concentrated olive nutrition without all the fat and calories

Manufactured to high quality standard by ProHealth, Hydroxytyrosol Extreme featuring Olea25™ may be an ideal supplement for supporting the many whole-body wellness benefits associated with this promising olive-derived natural compound.

Olive Supplement Copywriting Example 2: Sell Sheet

Nn Olive Essence
Whole-food Organic Olive Juice Extract

Are you…
– Seeking olive oil’s health benefits…without the fat & calories?
– Seeking a new way to support clear, youthful-looking skin?
– Seeking safe, natural support for inflammatory skin problems?

Nn Olive Essence is Your One-Stop Skin Health Solution!
Clinical evidence suggests that Nn Olive Essence may help to:

– Promote smooth, glowing, youthful-looking skin*
– Protect against sun damage/premature aging of skin*
– Minimize the appearance of wrinkles*
– Lighten dark spots and promote balanced skin tone*
– Reduce age spots and liver spots*
– Ease the discomfort of inflammatory skin problems*
– Maintain skin hydration and elasticity*
– Promote healthy aging throughout the body*

Mediterranean Health Secret:
The Mediterranean diet is associated with healthy, youthful looking-skin  despite the region’s ever-blazing sunshine! Antioxidant polyphenols found in olives account for this remarkable skin health.

Hydroxytyrosol may be olives’ most exciting polyphenol.

In fact, recent independent studies suggest hydroxytyrosol may be the most powerful antioxidant ever discovered – offering unprecedented anti-aging support.

HIDROX™ Natural Mega-Antioxidant Blend
Nn Olive Essence is made with HIDROX™, a blend of hydroxytyrosol and other olive polyphenols in their naturally-occurring ratios.

By mirroring nature’s perfect polyphenol formula, Olive Essence is rapidly recognized, absorbed and circulated in the blood.

Supercharged with HIDROX™, Olive Essence takes olives’ life-enhancing, time-tested health benefits for the skin, heart, joints, brain and more to an exhilarating new level!

Nn Olive Essence’s HIDROX™ is:

  • 2011 Winner of NBT’s Outstanding Application in Health Management Award!
  • Extracted from 100% organic olives grown in California… Solvent-free, safe and natural!
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable. Good for the planet… and your health!


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